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Doom Pictures Thread 2020

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On 10/23/2020 at 5:38 PM, Master O said:

Does it have the Konami Code? 

Weapon crates, floating weapon capsules, destructible bridges, projectile based attacks with limited reach and all that jazz is there

4 hours ago, The_SloVinator said:

Oh shit, bruh! Contra was my 'Doom' before I played FPS games.

Same lol

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10 hours ago, HQDefault said:


"That was too close. You were almost a Doomguy sandwich."


There's definitely RE1 inspiration going on! That and a lot of Castlevania.


15 hours ago, WH-Wilou84 said:

Here are some shots of the new, large, hyper-hard Limit-Removing map I've just released :

I love that effect of having geometry fade into the void. I want to try that in vanilla Doom using only textures sometime.

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19 hours ago, Aurelius said:

If all goes well, here's something to look for this November.




The map is clearly inspired by Ancient Aliens but it looks much better than all the maps of this wad  together! I'm not a big amateur of gzdoom maps in general, but I'll probably play it when it will be released

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Playing Plutonia, there was a very tiny Chaingunner corpse to the left of my Rocket Launcher:




Apologies for the chunky resolution.

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5 hours ago, AconyX said:


When you tried summoning succubi in Doom universe but got mancubi instead (he's queuing, didn't you know? megaspheres are fatsos in cocoon stage).

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30 minutes ago, Tango said:

more work on this map as I slow down my already snail-pace progress to completely redetail areas I already hoped were done D:




I am extremely horny for this map already.

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