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Doom Pictures Thread 2020

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25 minutes ago, Walter confetti said:

A little thing i made in these days, is it too gray? lol

Try using a different color on either the walls or floor.  I think the gray concrete wall would go well with a brown rock floor texture.  Or vice-versa, keep the gray floor and use a brown wall :)

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That's Kinsie's deathmatch simulator mod, isn't it?

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Made my own attention cargo sign and put the attention poison sign on some walls i made a little more green!
The walls i use are from Nightmare / 5th Episode Texture Pack.

If you see the Maria was here a secret is near! :)
Maria is from my horror card game Totenstadt and drawn by Kaydee Artistry!
Not sure if i can get it in a better quality ingame but i try.




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Update time! Here's map04 and 05 from my megawad I posted about earlier in this thread!




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3 hours ago, Spectre01 said:

Which port are you using? I see that the wad is limit removing but those pixels look too chunky even for Crispy Doom.

That'd be Doom Retro, but in low detail mode.

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Opened this level in doombuilder again, realized something amusing about it: it's made up majorly of parts with weird contexts. Dunno how interesting this is to others but what the hell, right?




The blue area is a part that used to be attached to the previous level, but didn't quite fit, so I ripped it off and made this one start there instead.


The yellow area is all secret (multiple secrets inside one another to be precise), started off as just a side path that I added on a whim that completely doesn't fit the theme of the level, but all things considered it still works. It seemed cool to just make it all a big secret area though.


The red area is probably the weirdest because it was completely unrelated to the level, I literally just had Doombuilder open on this level when I was telling a friend over DMs about a place I had dreamt about, so I sketched it out in Doombuilder and sent him a screenshot instead of trying to rely on words. Decided right then and there that I'll find a way to incorporate it into the level. Just like the secret area, it doesn't fit the theme at all on the surface, but it still works for story reasons.

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actual in-game screenshot (played with the pain palette)




screens via doomretro

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