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A list of enhancement mods for Doom (and any id tech games) (Including Vanilla/Limit-removing/ZDoom-specific)

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Some of things in the same vein (all GZDoom-specific):

Brightmaps Plus: brightmaps that are compatible with Minor Sprite Fixing Project.

Smooth Fluids: it smooths the animation for fluid textures, and adds a warp to them.

Splashes: liquid splashes.

Dead Marine: weapons/gore/HUD/general enhancement mod for GZDoom which aims to add atmosphere, visual pizzazz, and modern punch to Doom without changing any of the gameplay or mechanics.

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All GZDoom-specific.



Blood fixer: 'Proper' blood colors for some monsters (blue for cacos, green for hell knights, etc.). I attached the verions for BTSX and Ancient Aliens by m8f (AA stealth alien gibbing fix by SiFi270).

Doom Wadsnip Hi-Res v1.0: Neural upscale (2x, 4x, 8x) + Smooth Doom.



Responsive Weapons + Faster Weapon Switching: pistol, shotgun and SSG fire instantly; faster weapon switching

I suggest to add the hud/status bar category where I'd put:

Transparent Vanilla HUD: vanilla status bar without the 'concrete' background.

Fullscreen Statusbar Modvanilla status bar without borders in widescreen resolutions with some optional enhancements.
JP's HUD mod: 'emphasizes readability while conserving screen space'.

Edited by dmslr : Added Responsive Weapons mod

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10 hours ago, dmslr said:

I suggest to add the hud/status bar category where I'd put:

I thought of adding this part in the first place but ended up scrapping it - I'd have added 20 something HUD mods. I'll think of it again, thanks.

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2 minutes ago, Boomslang said:

is there any smooth animation mods that are compatible with it?

Any smooth animation mods (that don't affect enemies) will be fine.

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Just now, TheNoob_Gamer said:

Any smooth animation mods (which don't affect enemies) will be fine.

i'm gonna try out that wadsnip hi-rez mod

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