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Sprite sheets to use as a base?

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I've been investigating how to create monsters and weapons and such with DECORATE and in my research I've come across a few mentions of people using some generic sprites as a base for, as an example, a rifle that they created. Has anyone come across a site with a set of generic weapon sprites uploaded specifically to work as a base for your own projects or something like that? I'm aware of Realm667 and the plethora of everything they've got there, but I'm looking for something a bit more basic. If it even exists. 

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The most basic thing I know of is just extracting the base games sprites and maybe looking for some of the alpha sprites (beta lost soul and a few weapons that get replaced) other then that and realm 667 I got no clue where to go 

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4 hours ago, TravyB said:


The ZDooM Spriting Carnival thread would probably be your best bet.  It has 2000 pages of people uploading their sprites. Just give credit for them when your done.


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You should make sure to check if the creator of any sprite you may want to use has giving permission for it to be used the sprinting carnival is often times used by people to get advice on stuff or just show something cool they made and not necessarily for others to use so make sure if it doesn’t have any permissions listed to ask the creator 

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