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DOOM GBA 9:44 Any%, I'm playing again for 2020!

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Wanted to share that I'm doing any% attempts again in Doom GBA for 2020. I've been away from the category since August. Just a week into the practice returning, on December 30th, I played a 9:44. This set a new personal best time on a real Doom GBA cartridge for the category!


Only the third 9 minute run in the games current history. It was over 5 months from the first 9 minute time on real hardware since I stopped playing the category. Its nice to see more nine minute times on real hardware, because it takes a lot more effort to save time and get lucky with some damage rolls and fire rates.


My current goal is to have 9:44 played very soon. I'll be out at AGDQ this coming week on Monday. I hope to say hi to a few other doomworld members, and folks in the scene of different Doom games and speedruns. I'll be going to the practice room on the 9th of January, and just sitting at it for a few hours in attempts... The day seems fitting, since it could be a 9 on the 9th! 😂



I did some recalculation. I was saying to others there was only 10 seconds left to save. But thats just being realistic in terms of "luck", without reseting triple the amount I already have (7000+)... Getting all returning into levels to work, all enemies to cooperate, and move properly.


There becomes a point where only 1 in so many thousands and thousands of runs will have no time lost on the IGT, for every level. Every clip into the levels first try. No stucks.  Its unlikely anyone will get it to happen for quite some time, including me. Having to reset after 1 level lossing 1 or 2 IGT seconds would just kill the run for me, but its gotten to that point in a few spots already.


These times are in theory what could be saved still.



E1: Lost 10 IGT

E2: Lost 13 IGT

E3: Lost 12 IGT


34 IGT seconds remaining in real terms. Sub 9 seems unlikely on a real GBA with the current route.. But more things could be discovered. I never say never with this game. But its seeming in the realm of close to 'perfect' for a human at that point.


A consistent way to finish level 9 OOB was just found last week also, so there are still things out there to find I'm sure. http://www.twitch.tv/alexo670/v/525274059?sr=a


A way to finish level 13 in less then 28 seconds, with no other levels drastically effected. Finishing level 13 with armor and health, in less then that time, would be the holy grail of this game if it was discovered or routed. I still do science from time to time, but always find things in levels that dont really need much more time save (new route, same time).


Lets hope to see a 9:3X on a real GBA, before the first 9 minute run on emulator turns a year old, on January 25th. Coming back to the category feels decent so far. I'm only doing 2 or 3 hours sessions every few days to keep myself from burning out. It will help playing to get to a lower time not wearing down the game in long hours at a time. 



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you rock alexo!!! you inspired me to keep forging for my gba nightfire record! I love fps gba games!!!

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