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Resizing a sector? (found solution)


I was just wondering if anyone knew how to cleanly double the size of a sector? Say I have a 128x256 rectangle that I want to highlight and resize to 256x512. How would I achieve this? I can enter "edit selection mode" and do a sloppy/rough 'drag and drop' style resize, but where is a dialog to simple scale the sector cleanly?


I can't seem to find one, however I know this feature was present in Doom Builder 1, so I'm almost certainly just glossing over it..


EDIT: After about 3 years of using GZDB I just now learned that there are tabs on the faar right that, if you hover over them, present more options. Wow!

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One related thing I didn't know about at first was that flip selection vertical/horizontal are on the right-hand side tabs as well, and they have hotkey options, but by default the hotkeys were not bound. Having those on the keyboard is really handy of course, just in case you weren't aware of that already. 

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