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Black Void


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I've released quite a few maps over the internet back when I was really horrible at editing. Now, I'm taking those maps and spiking them up again with all sorts of goodies! Just take a look - I turned this level...


Which is just down right fugly, into this, which I hope is better-


Cool thing is, is that the new version is exactly the same as the first one you saw except with some added vertexes - same base still stands (with different textures obviously). So tell me - better or worse? Good idea or bad idea?

*Note - angelfire does not allow hyperlink - copy and paste links*

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Nice work there, like the new one better.

Assholefire is the best competition for geoshitties.

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Man, I had to close the window shades to see the details of the second picture. Only after comparing the two side by side was I convinced that they were architecturally similar.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to vote on the first one. The second one is just too uniformly blue and dark for my liking. However, your idea to update your older levels is a good one. Perhaps you should concentrate on touching up those levels rather than completely changing everything.

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Hmm... thanks for the input!

Rex: If you think that I shouldn't entirely change the level, then could you give me suggestions on anything that you would add for some architechture?

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Black Void said:

Rex: If you think that I shouldn't entirely change the level, then could you give me suggestions on anything that you would add for some architechture?

Here are a couple of general suggestions, which could really apply to any level you're doing. Note that none of them are meant to alter gameplay in any way, just to modify the architecture to improve appearance:

    1. Look for long stretches of walls with uniform textures (your boo3.jpg could serve as an example). Break up the uniformity of the wall in a couple of ways: (a) create angles in the wall so it is not just a straight line, or (b) create "supports" using SUPPORT2, SUPPORT3, or METAL series textures. As a variation on the support thing, you can even create "street lamps" in this way.

    2. Create sector height variations. In your wall (again, refer to boo3.jpg) you could create one or more ledges, which could either be used to place enemies (which could alter gameplay) or just for decoration.

    3. In corridors, create recessed "supports", recessed computers (if that section of your map has a tech theme), overhead beams, light strips (with associated light beam sectors), and recessed carpeting. If your map has a hellish or gothic theme, your corridor can be lined on either side with recessed gutters of lava or blood, with the GSTFONT series of textures seeming to pour blood into the gutter.

    4. In larger rooms add sectors to create overhangs, recessed carpeting, overhead "ductwork", recessed computers (or, in the case of hellish themed levels, evil faces), overhead computers, etc.

    5. If it will not affect gameplay, make your pillars hexagonal instead of square. Likewise, for decorations such as evil faces, etc., curve the linedefs instead of always keeping them straight. Remember to align the textures.

    6. If it will not affect the lighting that you intended for an area, insert recessed light strips into pillars.

    7. If it will not affect gameplay, make a curving stairway instead of one with right angles. (Feel free to steal them from my maps.) This applies to corridors as well.

    8. On ledges that the player must walk, make a riser or "lip" at the edge of the ledge. As an added decoration, add "clamps" to the riser. This can also be used when you have concrete pads for storage areas, nukage vats, etc.
I'll post additional ideas as they occur to me.

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