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Freelancer: The Nomad Legacy [Space Sim Mod]

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Hi there. I just wanted to share a mod for an old, but non-Doom videogame (impossibru!).


The game is called "Freelancer" and it tolds a story about desperate spacecraft pilots which are fight in suicidal mission against mysterious alien species called as "Nomads" to save the galaxy Sirius Sector - Humanity's Last Stronghold.


"The Nomad Legacy" is a fan-made sequel to the original story. In nutshell, you're playing a new hero, which like Edison Trent (protagonist of the first game), just wanted to do some mercenary work in a very beginning of the story. But new events forced hero to get involved in a story of a much larger scale than he could have imagine.


The mod also provides a lot of improvements and fixes in gameplay mechanics. And...as you can see in image above, you can discover new systems, and with Black Holes too (which were cut off from the original game).


I suppose it would be interesting for people who have already played the Freelancer (and it's mods) earlier. I know this forum is about a really different franchize, but as I can see, a lot of people have interest in many other things not related to Doom exactly. So I decided to post a link here, maybe someone knows the Freelacner too. Uh, the link. You can download the mod here


Have fun!

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I get the impression this is primarily for single player?  Or are there some enhancements to multiplayer as well?

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Interesting. I’ve seen many mods for Freelancer but pretty much all of them are oriented for multiplayer (the widely popular Discovery mod is also a fan made sequel but is obviously oriented for multiplayer and roleplay instead of single player). I’m not really aware of any single player mods for this game that actually add new campaigns

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Well, as far as I know only russian mods have new campaings. Since they're not translated into ENG they are not popular in english-speaking countries.

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