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IronEagle Competition 15: Thy Flesh Turned into a Draft-Excluder (streams are allowed without demos)

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Posted (edited)

We are now 9 days into January, and I am just now posting the newest edition of the IronEagle Competition. Unacceptable? Perhaps, but here we are. Regardless, I thank you for your patience and humbly welcome you to the ironman challenge where grizzled veterans and doe-eyed newcomers are welcome and have some amount of freedom (in difficulty level, at least) in how they want to tackle the selection.


By the way, I started allowing streams in May, but there does seem to be a misunderstanding that demos are required. While you can still post a demo, you don't have to, if you post your stream.


Last month, players were confronted with a winter-themed selection. This month, players will venture to a demon-infested realm with an orange sky, somewhere between Earth and Hell, to challenge themselves against the replacement for Thy Flesh Consumed created by Doomworld's own @cannonball, Thy Flesh Turned into a Draft-Excluder. Cannonball is a prolific mapper, having participated in numerous high-profile community projects and having created his own well-received mapsets.


Thy Flesh Turned into a Draft-Excluder is an Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom. It won a Cacoward in 2014 and tells the story of Doomguy's journey to escape the realm where he was transported to following a middle-of-the-night abduction from his bedroom. His reward for escaping? Survival. The cost of failure? His skin being flayed off and put on the bottom of a door somewhere to Hell to block drafts.


Thy Flesh Turned into a Draft-Excluder begins at E4M1. Survival is completion of E4M8. There is a secret level, which is accessed from E4M2.


The rules are basically the same as they have been. Either demos or streams are permissible. If you are creating a demo, post the demo. If you are streaming, post a video of the stream. Even if streaming, you can still submit a demo, if you want to.



The basic rule is that you submit a demo/stream played at a particular difficulty level (HNTR, HMP, or UV) and you play without saving and reloading, ending your run when you die (or survive). Further rules are below.




  • Submissions (except for streams, as described below) must include a demo from one of the listed acceptable ports.The first actual attempt must be submitted, there are no do-overs (with very few possible exceptions, which I will address as they arise).
    • You may practice a mapset if you want, but these practice runs should not be submitted as your official entry, and your run would be Category 2, unless there are exceptional circumstances (such as described below).
    • A run must be done in a singular sitting with no saves. (With room for breaks. This will be addressed below.)
    • Streams and video runs are accepted provided you post a video of the stream/run.
      • You may post a demo if you want, but it is not mandatory.
  • Secret levels are treated as extra credit.
  • Freelook is allowed. Jumping and crouching must be disabled.



The mapset is limit-removing due to visplane overflows and HOMs. While Cannonball recommends PrBoom+ in the text file, he released this set on March 11, 2014, and the first release of Crispy Doom was released on March 10, 2014; I think it's reasonable to assume that there wouldn't be any problems with Crispy Doom, but it hasn't been tested (although that might just be due to the timing). He did test the maps successfully with ZDoom.


Accepted Ports (any of these are acceptable; there is no preference):







Category System:

Category 1: Blind run.

This explains itself. You have no knowledge of the wad and have not played/seen it before.

Category 2: Non-blind.

If you have played the wad before and/or possess any foreknowledge, your run is non-blind. Basically, anything that is not Category 1 is Category 2.


I'm happy to be lenient on determining the category of a run, to a degree.

If, during practice, you die in the first 10 seconds of the first map and you see virtually none of the mapset except some part of the first few rooms, I'm happy to say that the playthrough you submit as your run was Category 1.

If, during practice, you die 10 seconds into Map 02 and then and go on to survive the mapset, something like that would still be Category 2.

If, at some point in the past, you watched a random stream of part of a random level and you never reach that level during your playthrough, you may submit your run as Category 1.

If, at some point in the past, you watched a stream of a level and you reach that level during your playthrough (whether you survive that level or die), such a run would be Category 2.



Difficulty System:

You may submit a demo/stream for only one of HNTR, HMP, or UV. Choose only one, because subsequent submittals will be rejected (i.e., if you submit a HMP demo, the HNTR demo you then submit will be rejected). We're not using the 1CC rule set here.


Only runs from the same difficulty will be pitted against each other. Each difficulty will be graded separately.


When you submit your run, please the include the following information:

  • The category (1 or 2)
  • The difficulty
  • What map you died on (if you survived, just say so)
  • If you survived, whether you played E4M9
  • The time elapsed when you survived/died (even if it's only approximate)
  • How many kills you had on the map you died on
  • The port you used, if you included a demo


You may include a commentary about the maps or details about them, if you want to . If you do include specific information about the map, please put it in a spoiler, so that people that want a completely blind experience won't be tipped off. In other words, put the text in a spoiler if you say something like:

  • "I thought the demon rush would do me in on Map X, but it ended up being the circle of hitscanners on Map Y that got me."
  • "I thought I would be able to avoid the rockets from the turreted revenants on Map A, but then the archviles teleported in, and that was the end of my run."
  • "Had I pressed the right switch instead of the left switch, I would've gotten the secret BFG, and probably survived Map Z."

Don't worry about putting it in a spolier if you say something like one of the following:

  • "This was a good mapset. The texturing was spot on and the encounters were well designed."
  • "Protip: You survive longer if you don't get shot."
  • "This is a great example of being good at Doom."



Everyone gets tired. Sometimes people do better than they expected to do. Nature calls. Every now and then, there are family emergencies. Needing to take a break shouldn't necessarily end a promising run. While you should try to complete the run in a single setting, this isn't always possible. However, there are some general ground rules:


  • You are free to take a quick break when needed. Note the emphasis on "quick."
    • Try to keep the breaks as short as possible.
    • Intermission screens, if applicable, are the best time to do this.Multiple demos cannot be accepted, barring exceptional circumstances.
      • An example would be that you can only record/stream for a certain amount of time, so you are forced to split up long demos/streams.
      • You may split up demos at death exits.
      • If you reset the map before going to the tally screen on a death exit, you must either end your run or play the map again.
        • If you die going back around, your survival of that map will count, but your run will end there.


Attempting to max the maps is not necessary to win.

  • Ranking for this mapset will be determined by:
  • Survival
  • Whether you completed the secret level
  • Total time for survival
  • The map on which you died (specifically, the order from best-to-worst is: E4M8, E4M7, E4M6, E4M5, E4M4, E4M3, E4M9, E4M2, E4M1)
  • Total time elapsed upon death
  • Kill count on the map you died


All mods used during play must be merely cosmetic.

If you die, please wait a few seconds before quitting.


If you don't know how to record demos and don't want to stream, I recommend getting a launcher (such as the ZDL launcher), which may make your life easier (at least, when it comes to recording demos). Once you have the launcher set up to find your IWAD's and ports, you can use the field at the bottom entitled "command line parameters" to record your demo with ease.


Template for Crispy:


-iwad doom -file draftex.wad -complevel 3 -skill <x> -warp 41 -record <IEdraftex>


Template for PRBoom+:


-iwad doom -file draftex.wad -complevel 3 -skill <x> -warp 41 -record <IEdraftex>


Template for ZDoom:


-iwad doom -file draftex.wad +compatmode 2 -skill <x> +map e4m1 -record <IEdraftex>


For the command lines, x = 2 for HNTR, x = 3 for HMP, and x = 4 for UV. Also IEdraftex would be replaced by whatever the name of your demo is.

Obviously, remove the angled brackets.


Using the ZDL launcher will allow you to select your skill directly and skip the wad selection and warp by immediately starting you in MAP01 on launch.

This wad uses complevel 2 or Doom (strict).


When recording in ZDoom, double check your compatibility settings. When the compatibility is set from the cmdline, it doesn't always stick, so open the port in an IWAD map and make sure to set it to Doom (strict) to be sure the compatibility settings are correct. ZDoom will remember the settings next time you start it.


Happy Dooming!




Previous IronEagle Competitions



Scientist 2 (Winners -- UV: leodoom85   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Liberation)

Vanguard (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Liberation)

Crumpets (Winners -- UV: NoisyVelvet   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)



Dark Covenant (Winners -- UV: kmc   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)

Brood of Hatred (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)

Riot Control (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Walter Confetti   HNTR: Pegleg)

Scimitar (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)

Bauhaus (Winners -- UV: vdgg   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)

Bloody Steel (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)

The Brotherhood of Ruin (Winners -- UV: leodoom85   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)

Flashback to Hell (Winners -- UV:    HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)

A Taste for Blood (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)

Back to Basics (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Horus   HNTR: Pegleg)

Whitemare  (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz & NaZa   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)

Edited by Pegleg : GLBoom added.

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I have played the first map of this, here's to not bottling it there.

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Posted (edited)

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I guess I am obliged to humiliate myself in under these circumstances.....

Well I died on E4M9 (I forgot how many hitscanners I placed in this one and got finished off by splash damage). I actually managed to "good at Doom" myself in E4M1 but somehow survived until the secret map. Still not exactly a compelling performance from the author.

Category - I think I go beyond category 2 for this one.....


Edited by cannonball

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I don’t see GLBoom+ in the list of acceptable ports, is there a reason for this?

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59 minutes ago, Horus said:

I don’t see GLBoom+ in the list of acceptable ports, is there a reason for this?


Generally, I don't use GLBoom+, so I didn't think about it and no one brought it up before. That's the honest reason. I amended the list to include it, so if you want to use GLBoom+, go ahead.

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The prodigal son has returned :p .


That didn't go well at all, looks like I got another MAP01 death to add to the seemingly growing collection of bad runs. I won't rage in the topic again, I promise.


I did something different this time, however. Instead of PrBoom I made this demo in Eternity. Just download the latest devbuild and all's set :) . Cat 1, UV.




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Bahh! Humbug. Wasn't sure what to expect with this, but it wasn't bad. I really liked E4M2. The sheer amount of projectiles flying at me on the third map, coupled with my general uncertainty of where the hell I was supposed to go, was a recipe for death however. 



  • Category 1
  • UV
  • Dead on E4M3 (w/ 63 kills)
  • Recorded in GZDoom 4.2.4

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Category 2 - I have played this for TNS and also single player ( Believe I maxed every map so remembering where some secrets were helped)


Dead on E4M8 

I reached that map in about 1:29:30.. and well didn't last long :p 



Was going to try to 2 shot the cybers but bringing 3 - 4 of them to a hallway to be cornered in wasn't to smart 


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