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That is wad my new map it is called Misery. Hello im Voyuers once again maker of Greenhouse. Hope you enjoyed that wad. This wad will be dm i worked long and hard on it is not to big. But its for Zdoom 123. Because for my second wad i wanted mirrors. And a skybox the wad is all most done. And what is left is me writing another mp3. In my home studio. Like i did in greenhouse even through it says Specter Specter is my other name. The blood will be moving in this one this will work only in zdoom 1.23 no jdoom no legacy because the mirrors and sky box.
I will send it in Doomworld when im done then ill take a break to much work to make detail. I do not even know how to make a lift yet i will. i used a could of Jdoom hires textures. In it owell till next itme.
Happy fragging

p.s about the mp3 im thinking becase i wrote a good midi for it allready

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Voyuers said:

Misery ...

...loves company.

Good job on Greenhouse, btw.

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Skybox, mirrors, hi-res textures, but you don't know how to make a lift? Something just doesn't compute here.

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well i wanted to do elevators dude. But it will be a silver bridge coming out a pool of blood so that is what i need. i downloaded it thx for the future.

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