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i need help with slade 3 to merge texture packs

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i have 3 texture packs, which i want to merge togehter with slade 3 into a wad file. i read the instruction on the slade 3 homepage and i did it the same way but it doesn't work. i always got just 1 texutre pack into the wad file and the other 2 ones are just not in it for whatever reason, when i will work on the map in doom builder after. i don't know what i should do elsewhere. if anyway wants to help me, please let me know.



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There may be an easier way to do this, but here goes ...


Load the 3 resource pwads into Slade3.

Click on TEXTURE1 of the first pwad and open the Texture Editor with Edit Textures.

Highlight all textures and Export To - PNG File into a folder/file.

Repeat the export with the other 2 pwads.

Close the 3 pwads.


Now open your pwad.

Create P_ markers, P_START and P_END.

Drag all textures from the file into your pwad between these P_ markers.

Highlight all textures and convert the png images to DOOM format.

Highlight all textures and follow the procedure to create TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps as outlined in this tutorial.

Save your pwad.

Close Slade3.


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thanks 4 writing back. all the graphics in the 3 texture packs, are already in the doom format. and then i wanted them to merge as showed on the slade 3 homepage, but it didn't work. can i send you the 3 texture packs, to try it by yourself?

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11 hours ago, darkdave1985 said:

... . can i send you the 3 texture packs, to try it by yourself?

 Sure, go ahead, either upload to Mediafire or pm.

I'll see what I can do with them.

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i hope it's no problem that i uploaded the zip file on zippyshare. what i want now, is to merge all 3 texture packs to a big one together. it's very important that no single wall texture or flat from all 3 packs get lost, because i need them all. because some years ago as i tried this with some other texture packs, some graphics were overwritten with some others, because they had the same filename. but in this case when i want to merge them, i always just got all the cc4 textures and flats in the end, but nothing from the other 2 texture wads for whatever reason. but i did it exactly as showed on the slade 3 homepage. but maybe you can do it, that would be very great. big thx!





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zippyshare worked well enough.

However, the problem is with the textures from TNT and PLUTONIA, since they

are copyrighted. So I will not touch them.


However, the procedure I outlined above will work with the CC4 and PLUTONIA

textures, since they both have a TEXTURE1 lump. You have to doubleclick on

TEXTURE1 to open the Texture Editor.


The textures in TNT are a different story, they were done with the ZDOOM

TEXTURES lump. You have to doubleclick on TEXTURES to open the Texture

Editor. There is a problem with a couple of CRLxx textures though.


So, basically follow my outline, to extract the textures, as in the above post.

You'll get about 1859 textures, which you drag into your pwad and then create

new TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps.


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to be honest, i can't do this right now. it's hard to explain but i'm just not strong enough for this right now. and i don't think that anyone will get a problem, just because these old textures are copyrighted. there are also a lot of plutonia textures in the cc4-tex.wad and in other project too. if you or anybody else want to do this for me, so please let me know and when not, then it's also good. i'm just feeling not good enough, to get this whole thing done by myself right now. i tried it but it's not possible for me. so, if anyone wants to merge these 3 packs for me, so please let me know. i would really neeed them, to finish my maps. that would be really great.



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It is really not that difficult, all you need is Slade3.


Make a folder, for example: C:\Extracted_Textures

Open that folder and make 4 more folders: All, C, P, and T.


Now open Slade3 and load the 3 resource pwads.




Let's do cc4-tex first.

Click the cc4-tex tab and type tex in the filter

which will show the TEXTURE1 lump




click on Edit Textures to open the texture editor.




Highlight all textures, rightclick on one of them,

select Export To then PNG file and save in folder C.


Next we'll do the plutonia textures, click on the plutonia tab




At the bottom of the list is TEXTURES,

doubleclick on it to open the texture editor.


Again, highlight all textures and export as png files to the folder P.


Next, click the tnt texture tab.

Type tex in the filter

doubleclick on TEXTURES to open the texture editor.


For some reason CRWDL6C, D and E cause a problem.

Highlight all textures, then deselect CRWDL6C, D and E with Ctrl+mouseclick, then export all others as png to the folder T.




Close the texture editor.


At the bottom of the list are more textures between ORIGINAL,




highlight those as well, rightclick and select Graphics - Export as PNG to the folder T.


Close Slade3.


Now copy the textures from folders C, P and T into the folder All.


Almost done.


Now load your pwad into Slade3.

Make new entries P_START and P_END.

Drag the png textures from ALL in between the P_ markers.

Highlight all textures, rightclick and select Graphics - Convert to - Doom Gfx (Paletted).

Save the pwad.


One more step.


Highlight all textures, rightclick and select Graphics - Add to TEXTUREx

Then click on Yes.

In the popup-menu select




which adds 3 new lumps, S3DUMMY, TEXTURE1 and PNAMES.

Save the pwad.



Edited by Kappes Buur

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fuck this whole thing, it don't work. i have the newest version of slade, but it got hung up all the time. it worked with the cc4 and plutonia textures but when i want to make the same steps for the tnt textures, the program always got hung up. when i select all the textures, except the 3 ones you said, everything is dead suddenly. the next thing is, as i converted the cc4 textures into the png file, the program said all the filenames will be ignored. another thing is, that some textures have the same filename as others and would have been overwritten later with others i think. because i had that same problem some years ago. i was not that far this time, but i'm sure it would be like this in the end. however, i have no nerves for this anymore, when even the easiest things don't work. it's everytime the same shit, this is why i asked for help. all the time when i try something easy like this, a weird problem appears which others don't have. even the easiest things, are not possible sometimes. i'm sorry for that but sometimes it's so weird. if anyone wants to try it by himself, then please let me know. and thanks for trying to help me, i really appreciate it. i really don't know what to do anymore.

Edited by darkdave1985

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