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MONKEYS of DOOM - 10th Anniversary Edition

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Good news everyone!


I just want to briefly announce, that the 10th -Anniversary-Edition of my MONKEYS of DOOM is out. - And it's gratis! (A hard decision;-)

The game is based on idtech3, so those who had fun with QUAKE III ARENA & co. should check it out!

MONKEYS of DOOM is as brutal and gory... But: in funny cartoon-optics!

If you've decided to give the game a try – with the words of Mr. Spock:


„Live long and prosper!“






PS: In case you find the game not too bad: spread it wherever you want!


PPS: It would be nice to let me know if you like MONKEYS of DOOM (or not) and what should be improved – just drop a comment! – Oh, and please report bugs!


But enough talking! - Here is the game:



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Thanks, pal, for this awesome game!

Its a good throwback to the good old Quake 3 ARENA!

I really liked it soo far. The cartoon chars are funny to play with.

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