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Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

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5 minutes ago, hybridial said:


I can answer that, she's from the movie Redline from 2009, which was kind of a very F-Zero/Speed Racer style movie about an intergalactic land race. Was pretty good.

Thanks for the answer, @hybridial, but you cutted out the possibility of *ME* talking with a *GIRL*... but maybe you are a *GIRL*, too, and soo... I'm a woman, too.

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I should watch the movie Redline. I wonder if the Lazerhawk album took its name from it.

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1 hour ago, MrGlide said:

I'm torn between changing my avatar to an anime one or Doom guy's crotch.


You could start the new trend of crotch-themed avatars. Come on people, I know the cyberdemon has a nice ass, but give some love to the front parts too, will ya?

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