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Research project on ID Software (help)

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So the reason why I made this thread is because I was assigned to do a research paper based on my interest and chose the history of ID Software. So my question is this, is there any member from ID Software or an expertise that knows the company  that's within or outside the doomworlds forums that I can reach out to; who's willing to have the time answer my questions? FYI: I try to communicate with Romero he said he was occupied, Tom Hall was occupied so I appreciated your time and day for suggestions.

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You could always try Sandy Petersen. I'm not sure how responsive he's been in the past. He did make quite a few levels for Doom 1(19) & 2(17), and some for Quake(7). So it's a lead at least. Although for a quick response my first bet would've been Romero, he's usually been the most involved person in the Doom community.



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John Carmack used to be responsive when he still had an idsoftware.com email address, but I very much doubt it still works today. I don't know a current email address for him, but maybe you could try his twitter/facebook profiles (if you have accounts there).

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