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Acid : Now in development

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Acid is my new modded megawad project. It's inspired by games like Blood, Duke Nukem, and Ion Fury.

I just wanted to share the news.

Textures in the map are from the Baker's Legacy texture pack, and the guns are just images I found on Google and edited in pixlr.com. The logo is generated on Cooltext.com.

Also, how do people make their own sprites? Seriously.


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If you want the most efficient method of making sprites doing compression of images via nearest neighbor is your best bet.


For example

I found this salary man off of google and downloaded the png version of it. I also trimmed it using Aseprite


I then used nearest neighbor image compression to reduce its height down to 100 pixels using Aseprite again.



This is now a useable sprite for doom actors if needed. By using reference images that you shrunk down then edited or by simply editing textures or other sprites other people have made you have a very easy way to create your own custom sprites. However I would just suggest grabbing Aseprite if you want to do this or make fully custom sprite art as its probably the best sprite making tool that I've seen.

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