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We made a game: Angeldust

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Wow that does look really cool. I'll check this out on Steam...

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@t.v. ah, i remember this, Hallo (Dutch person here!)


Part of the reason i remember this one is because indeed of its engine: Its all OpenGL 1.x stuff (OpenGL1.1, really) as far as i know, allowing it to run amazingly well on even the crappiest of setups and still looking this great I believe that was also the intent behind the tech (That i believe has no official name, just called Angeldust). I do know that there is a push to move to a modern OpenGL setup but perhaps you can fill in on that?


Basically it is like Minecraft, except unlike Minecraft, this looks pretty in really clever ways. And i like that. :)


Something that also should be mentioned is that Frank has his own channel Angeldust Live! where he regularly streams gameplay. At the very least, this game has been long in the tooth and i am glad its still here even after so many years.


AngelDust Live! on Youtube


There is also the official PostFX for the game along with an Ultra sprite pack. Find that on the metagaming site, which i am not going to link or it might be that i am too much shilling for this ;)

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Thanks for the positive feedback!


It is hard to explain this game in a few sentences. It's an open world where you are free to roam and set your own goals.

I made a quick video to give a basic idea. (I should point out that the game looks much better than this video :-P):




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