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A couple questions and any critique

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I just started learning how to use doom builder.  im using doom builder x.  i dont have doom for the pc so ive been using the shareware and freedoom to make a map.

what is a good version to buy for the pc that will allow me to make maps and mods?


here is a video of my first map.  its very unfinished, what are some obvious things that im doing wrong.  besides textures, which i havnt really paid attention to.

the idea was that you were going into a mine and stuff happens.  everything is dark and cramped.  is that whole concept unappealing? should i abandon it?


does anyone have examples of that done well?  descending into something like a mine or catacomb...any input would be appreciated.



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1. WAY TOO DARK! You can do some pretty neat lighting in a pitch black area, keep in mind that a Mineshaft usually has some Lanterns or electric lights hanging from the ceilings, a good way to incorporate that with the pitch black is every 2 or 3 lights are functional while the others are either broke or flickering. (It gives the player little hints as to where to go.) (fixes problem above)

2. Change Heights for texture transitions, it makes the map more dynamic and more cohesive.

3.ALIGN ALL THE TEXTURES!!!! #1 thing that really aggravates doom players

4. Action, instead of just choking the mine full of enemies plan events like Ambushes or cave-in's that force the player into combat.

5. Atmosphere, you have a good premise for a really atmospheric map, main thing is hold off on the enemies and let the player wander the area for a while, then when they are starting to feel bored, set a ambush on them. (boredom sets in like 3 minutes or so of wandering)

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Tunnels and caves gain most of their atmosphere from proper lighting, which vanilla Doom format cannot provide.

The best format to use would be UDMF for GZDoom with dynamic lights, brightmaps and Doom64-like colouring.

For example: MAP02 of The Island.

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^ I disagree, there are plenty of atmospheric caves/cave maps in Vanilla wads and it's not a good idea to start out mapping by relying on sourceport features to add atmosphere IMO.

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9 hours ago, angrytoast said:

what is a good version to buy for the pc that will allow me to make maps and mods?

Ultimate Doom and Doom II are both on Steam for $5 each, and their IWADs should be the standard ones everyone has built things around for 20+ years. GOG has them as well, although apparently slightly less cheap. If you only get one, I'd suggest Doom 2 since more PWADs require it than require Ultimate Doom. If you happen to already own Doom 3 BFG Edition, it comes with both games (although the IWADs are slightly different), which can get you started too.


As for your map, it looks pretty nice, when you can see it. It looks like a constructed mineshaft (such as the wooden beams across the ceiling in places -- which is a nice touch, by the way), and as such, it should include lighting too. Existing lights should spread further; this creates more opportunity to cast shadows around corners, which is visually interesting and allows for interplay of visibility vs concealment. This fits the theme of darkness without having to paint everything black.

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