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What is a namespace and can I convert it?

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I am not well versed in programming and stuff so I don't know what things are, heh.  That said, I just want to record my TAS demos in peace, and PR/GLBoom+ has been letting me do that just fine with vanilla and Boom maps, however, if I ever want to do a TA demo of a UDMF map my only option I can see is to use Eternity (which is a great port and I enjoy it a lot) but most UDMF maps have a Zdoom namespace and can't be run at all in Eternity.  What exactly is a namespace and what does it do besides tell a source port whether a map can run in it?  Is it possible to convert a Zdoom map's namespace to Eternity?  And if so, what kind of problems might arise?  Am I doing a dumb, here?  Don't be afraid to tell me I'm an idiot for asking this :p

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Namespaces are organized sections of WADs divided up by markers. For example, flats go in F_START/F_END. That's a namespace. So if there was a flat called FLAT01 then for some reason you had a sound effect called FLAT01, you'd be fine because they belong to different namespaces. The engines won't get confused because it knows how to read the lumps.


More info here:



I think it means there are some lumps present that Eternity can't use. My only guess as to what's going on is certain lumps for the map or elsewhere in the WAD (maybe an entire namespace like TX_) are incompatible with Eternity. I think Eternity's UDMF support is barebones, which means it does not accept anything that's a G/ZDoom thing. I'm not an expert on Eternity though so I could very well be wrong.


To make it work in Eternity, depending on what it is, may be a chore to do if it heavily relies on GZDoom.


I don't know if any of this helps, just what I know.

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7 minutes ago, Nevander said:

To make it work in Eternity, depending on what it is, may be a chore to do if it heavily relies on GZDoom.

This is pretty much my expectation, that it is possible but would be a major hassle to do without causing issues.  I just want to make TA demos that I can record into to videos.  When it comes to UDMF things, if I want videos of the same quality as what I am making on PR/GLBoom+ right now, I have to record them live in sections and cut out the sections with deaths and aimless wandering.  I still don't have ANY of those recordings because it's way more tedious than doing it the TAS way using -recordfromto.  If only GZDoom had more demorecording parameters...

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UDMF namespaces are a different issue from lump namespaces.


It's quite likely a UDMF map made for ZDoom will depend on ZDoom-specific features and therefore will not work in Eternity. Conversion isn't possible due to that.

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