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Lost soul wrong

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I haven't seen this mentioned before, so here goes...

I just downloaded the sprites wad (dated 06 Nov) and I noticed the lost soul seemed to be behaving oddly. Unless it was coming straight at me, or straight away from me, it seemed to be moving backwards. A quick dig into the WAD uncovered why.

For some reason, in doom(2).wad the angled views of the lost soul are drawn reversed compared to most monsters, and the names for it are correspondingly backwards too.

Most normal monsters that have sprites which the engine reverses are named like this NAMEA2A8, NAMEA3A7 etc, but for some reason the lost soul has names like this SKULA8A2, SKULA7A3. The artist (Fredrik?) has correctly provided sprites drawn from the reverse angle to most enemy sprites, but the sprites have been included with traditional names (SKULA2A8, SKULA3A7) and so are drawn backwards by the engine whenever any of the diagonal or side on views are used.

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I hope they fix that. Lost souls can't see from the back of their heads IIRC.

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