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bad children's toys

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after seeing a post in my 'vote now' thread i got an Idea. what other current or past toys have had issues like the harry poter nimbus 2000(more like the ultra vive 200) here is a linkhttp://www.bushcountry.org/news/sep02_news_pages/n_090302_harry-potter-broomstick-vibrator.htm

i cant think of any toys that have been contraversial like this one, but doesnt mean they dont exsists and i know there are many. one favorite was to pokemon balls BK was giving away in kid's meals. it was a chokeing hazzard. now i would like to see a kid swallow and choke on one. second why would u give a kid under 3 something like that anyway

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Well, I don't really know much about toys anymore cause I dont watch tv, so I cant see comersials, and I am 13...so I dont buy toys, I've aged from the time of buying toys, now I buy Computer stuff, clothes, and stuff and jewerly and candy for friends. But I am sure there are many Unsafe toys out there, and some just plain lame ones..

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DOOM Anomaly said:

I am 13...so I dont buy toys

well I'm 27 and still buy toys. I remember the missle firing boba fett. got pulled off the market for eye injuries and choking. all boba fett figures after that had a fixed missle on his backpack.

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I would probably buy toys. even if it's just to put them on my dresser to look cool. More a decoration than a toy.

Stuff like:
Final Fantasy figures
God i wish there were Escaflowne figures. I want a Zybok Gai-mellif.
Pokemon (a couple at least.)

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Toys got ruined by all those lawyers. I think they should put a suitable warning on any toys that have firing parts:

"Warning: Not to be in the possesion of retards."

People who sue for dumbassed things only make it worse for the rest of us

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