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AI guided Doom adventures

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AI Dungeon 2


I don't know if you guys have messed with this yet, but sometimes it can be amusing.

Here's my attempt to stop a demon invasion.


I've had many more amusing runs in different settings. This on is pretty damn boring.

Thought it might be amusing for others to post their attempts at stopping the demons.


You are a space marine named Flynn Taggert. You are on Phobos in a recreational area.
Phobos is a moon orbiting Mars. You work for the Union Aerospace Corporation or UAC
for short. The UAC's teleportation experiments have failed. Demons have invaded the
UAC facility on Phobos. You must stop the invasion by destroying the demon portal. You
have a pistol and a plasma rifle. You are wearing an armored space suit. What do you

> Head for the facility's command center.

You enter the command center, which looks like it was built into the side of a
mountain. There are several computers that look like they were made from scrap metal.
You try to access one of them but find out its password is "Demon."

> Use the password to access the computer.

You type in the password and see a holographic image of a large demon appear before
your eyes. It appears to be floating in mid-air as if it is alive.

> Use the computer to find the location of the demon portal.

You press the button on the keyboard and a screen flashes with numbers and letters. A
series of icons appear next to each number. You select the one labeled "Location" and
then click on it.
The map changes to show a small red dot against a black background.


It reads:
"Demon Portal."

You read the words and then realize that you don't know what this means. You open up
the laptop and look at your phone. Its battery is dead so you can only hope that
there isn't another demon coming through here soon.

> Head for the demon portal.

You run back towards the portal. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You
turn around and see a demon standing right behind you! He grabs your throat and
begins choking you until he gets his hands on the gun in your hand.

> Use your plasma rifle to defeat the demon.

You fire the plasma rifle at the demon. It explodes into a shower of sparks and
burning flesh. You quickly grab your pistol and shoot him again, but this time he
dodges away from you and shoots you in the face.

> Fire the plasma rifle at the demon again.

You aim the plasma rifle at the demon and fire once more. This time he ducks down and
avoids your shot. You fall backwards onto the ground, clutching your face. You hear a
loud noise and then nothingness.


You stare at your bloody face in disbelief. Your vision blurs and then fades


The world becomes dark and you're left alone.

> Sleep. At least you tried.


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