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Favourite map editor(s)?


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  1. 1. Favourite map editor?

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I used DETH for something like 15 years, then DB2, and now GZDB.


On an emotional level, DETH is probably truly my "favourite", as in closest to my heart, but GZDB has the best functionality of them all.


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Doom Builder 2, Doom Builder 2,

Doom Builder 2 all the way! 

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I went from WadAuthor, to Doom Builder 1, to GZDB over the last 19 years. Loads of nostalgia for WA and DB1, but I couldn’t go back at this point. I’ll be using GZDB until it’s no longer compatible with Windoze as it has each and every feature I’ve ever even remotely wanted as a mapper.

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On 1/21/2020 at 1:47 AM, guitardz said:

Does no one still use WadEd?


This was the first editor I used and used it for a long time. I got it on one of these shovelware CDs that I bought somewhere in the 1990s. Good times! 


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Grew up with Doom Builder 1, stuck with it for many many years until around the time GZDB came out.  Now using DB2+XWE, and will probably move on to DBX after seeing those lua-scripting capabilities via @Ribbiks.  Not into UDB for my purposes, but I respect its power and use for more advanced effects. 

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