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Any Good Dehacked weapon mods? (Besides Doom 4 Vanilla)

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While Rekkr is a TC rather than just a weapon mod,  it is Doom 1 vanilla compatible and has some of the most impressive dehacked I've seen.


I've also been playing around with Dehacked recently, and have been considering making themed vanilla compatible weapon and/or monster mods for map makers. For example, an indiana jones style weapon pack complete with a .38 revolver and a machete.

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As I mention in the Cacowards, there aren't a whole lot of Dehacked "gameplay mods" for vanilla Doom, it wasn't a thing in the 1990s really.

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3 hours ago, guitardz said:

I want to try this for the memes.

It's pretty amusing to play, just avoid doing so on maps that have non-zero type 27 things in them.

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I've been working on multiple dehacked weapon/monster mods for a bit now as a resource for people to use, along the lines of minicharge. Problem is I'm terrible at actually finishing things. Either way I'd love to see more dehacked work out there for people to use as a base for their wads.


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