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Where can i upload my wads?

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So in the past i have used mediafire to upload my doom wads, but now i want to use a different website, any recommendations?

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Google Drive and Dropbox are also popular - or submit to idgames (see the pinned topic for how!)

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There needs to be a pinned thread with these links or something. I see this question get asked weekly.. These are all designed for the express purpose of uploading Doom wads without needing an account.


Uploading here also makes you wad easily downloadable through Wadseeker or GetWad, makes life much easier on the multiplayer side.

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You should be able to attach WADs directly to forum posts here as well, although I think it'll only be accessible to other forum members. But if that's your target audience ("hey here's my WAD what do you think?") then that should work fine.

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