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List of Demons in Doom Eternal (not including variants).

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I feel like the codex entry for enemies could somewhat describe a bit more about how enemies (and maybe weapons too) work in the gameplay.

I don't remember the 2016 entry for the Caco mentioning that their projectile could affect vision for example or how the possessed engineer's explotion could still hit enemies near it.


Or even the plasma rifle's heat blast affecting every direction in a circle, so anyone behind you is still hit by it.

For a series about gameplay coming first, gameplay info should matter for the player but that's why they got those short videos showcasing stuff now.


Then again, Doom's old instruction manuals weren't always properly descriptive of some stuff but still. (and some stuff like how Berserk works is wrong)

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On 2/18/2020 at 10:47 AM, Novaseer said:

I think the Barons, much akin to the Pain Elementals, are just meant to be big bullet sponges that demand your attention so the heavies can get hits in.

I would agree although the other Supers seem as tough if not more so(healthwise). This may just be me though

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I wonder if the Prowler shooting 3 fireballs at once is still kept, because i thought it was a neat addition.


Speaking of enemies, i remember Doom 64 having a wall texture that looked like a hockey mask nailed to a wall or something.

Like Jason Voorhees/Rick Taylor type of thing.


Because of that, i imagined a concept of "sinners and wrong doers" in Hell suddeny joining Hell's army (even against their will) as some sort of (former) human enemy type.

Before the cultist base and stuff from Eternal, i wondered whether or not it'd make sense for a modernized Doom Hell on Earth game to have satanic/evil humans joining Hell, some of them being psycopaths, serial killers and evil people in general that believe they found something worth joining, even if Hell seems them as nothing but cannon fodder.

Or even just Hell looking at people that were supposed to be punished but instead, just using them for their armies.


When i think of horror in Doom, i wonder if some cliches or tropes could be added in a way that Hell is aware of what humans fear or demons/areas that represent certain fears or sins.

Something to increase that "ultimate representation of Evil".

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