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BigMeanN'Green (Boom compatible)

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Midi-By SorrirBoy


IWAD-Doom 2

Made with-Gzdoom Builder

Tested with-Gzdoom,Boom

Format-Boom,Boom 2 format

Known bugs-None found

Main Purpose-SinglePlayer


Freelook,crouch,jump-Not reccommended but not removed

(Pictures In the file)


Some Info-Haven't posted something in a while,plus i needed to learn to expand on new formats aswell.Anyway these levels are short.I was actually gonna make 3 maps but....project work to do...heh

Have fun!


Edited by Finnthemapmaker

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Good wad! Didn't play much of it but I enjoyed the time I played it, this is exactly the type of wads I want to make but im not very good at making wads, good job.

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Fun stuff! Both maps were really great little maps. I liked how the player was constantly under pressure, I never really felt safe in either of the maps. One thing I noticed was that both maps borrow tropes from Doom 1 maps. Also, the trolley at the end of the second map was really cute.

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