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WAD: GOingAGain [EPISODE 2 playtest-RELEASE!]

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---- remember

What about GOing AGain - 7 maps in this first episode.

A wad with an actual story.. (a short 1, but hey).


Punchy - Short - Doom

Copyright Free Music download from: freepd.com & bensound.com




Old Info:



Hi guyz,


I am back after a while and still enjoying creating doom maps.

From my previous wads you would know i do not follow the mapping rules strictly, but i think this these maps have a good flow.


I am looking forward to your opinions and suggestions! :)

Have fun!


This thread started as a launch of a fun little punchy map i made - which i named GOingAGain, since i started mapping AGain (duh).
But - after creating a second one - i wanted more and started a series of maps in this wad. I figured something cool (at least i think) by influencing the player with certain areas. At at the end - i wanted a little more - of a story - and it is also kinda related to the design of the maps. At the moment i want to give this WAD a little bit of rest and update it later on. So for now ill not bump this thread with a post - but keep it silent for a while. Feedback is always appreciated - have fun. 




Type of maps: Short&Flow

Editor used: SLADE (mac)

Tested with: LZDoom

IWAD: Doom2

Jumping/Crouching: Nope

Freelook: Sure

Nr. of maps:

episode#1 (continuous) MAP01-MAP07
episode#2 (continuous) MAP08-MAP13

Secrets: Yes (rewarding)


Download Episode 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zfqbryrh4ebezn4/GOingAGain10.wad.zip/file 

(size: 38,4 mb .zip // 40,5 mb wad - sorry music files did not resample them, yet..)

Download Episode 1 and Episode 2 playtest-Release: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w6gxelv4i5ao40f/GOingAGain.wad/file





[1.01] 18-03-'21

  • playtest release of Episode 2 (sort of a community release - to help me move forward)

[1.0] 25-02-'20

  • Made Map07 (and polish some other maps)
  • Need to figure out how episodes work.. but that's what next

[0.7] 23-02-'20 NOT RELEASED

  • Made Map05 & Map06
  • Removed chainsaw secret for the storyline and added rocket launcher instead
  • Mapinfo & Menu & Logo & Copyright free music

[v0.55] 20-02-'20

  • As a result of HAK3180 playthrough (thanks!) i made changes to all maps
  • while Map05 is in the Wad - do not play it

[v0.5] 18-02-'20

  • Map04 released
    + also included a small story line to this wad - which you will have to find out yourself
  • Improved a few things to Map01
    + the 'locked' imps on the platforms on map01 - this floors lowers if you proceed
    + some maps have more ammo and some adjusted lighting

[v0.31] 15-02-'20

  • Fixed a few areas and weapons

[v0.3] 14-02-'20

  • Map03 released

[v0.2] 06-02-'20: 

  • processed feedback
  • Map02 released

[v0.1] 30-01-'20: 

  • Map01 released




(New) Screenshots:












Edited by vincent0s : old wad was stuck in "uploaded files"

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I really liked that. Fast, punchy and flows really nicely. I did notice that the blood at the end, leading you to the exit switch, appears to need its sides textured since it created a HOM effect but other than that this was great. I able to beat it on UV just fine, though I did rez once because an Imp killed ME just as I killed IT. That Baron that pops up behind you in the end in a nice surprise. Either I didn't hear him teleport in because of the imps doing so at the same time or he had a stealth tele, either way I like seeing the Bruiser Brothers show up. 

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I had a good time.


It looked good. Lots of height changes and lighting etc. Though there were quite a few  doors that should probably have their side textures lower unpegged and I think the door that opens right after you grab the shotgun when you walk towards it can be broken. It only triggers once, so if you don't go through and it closes, you can't progress.


It was pretty short and punchy, I liked how it circled back on itself multiple times and reused the same space with new enemies appearing etc, though maybe the central platforms over the nukage could have had little more change the second time through.


A good final trap as well. I thought, oh I have an SSG, this won't be a problem, then got shot in the back by the second stealth baron and died :)


I liked the secrets and how you had to go around the same route again to the SSG early, maybe a couple more minor ones wouldn't be amiss though, even if its just something like a bit of health, since it felt a little sparse.


The only thing that I was a bit confused about was the red line on the floor near the beginning. I guess they're there to show you the red door, but it felt a bit unnecessary as the door is right there. I have no idea if that was even the point or if it was just an aesthetic thing, but there's probably some interesting designs you could make with marking different routes out on the floor or something. Not really a criticism, just an oddity.

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It was very fun playing this map! The details, the placement, everything just looked very nice. In my opinion, my favorite part is the last one where enemies teleport behind and kill you, because you have to concentrate a lot if you have little health, as I did when i reached that part of the map. The secrets we're well hidden, not only because I took time to find, but because I only found one and I'm trying to find the other as well. The details and the geometry added we're absolutely astonishing!


Basically, the map is amazing in many aspects, good job!

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Just played through this map on HMP, enjoyed every second. It was short and highly detailed and flowed nicely. The secrets were not hard to find which was appreciated.

I'll check out some of you're previous Wads fo'sure.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Ill fix the W1 entrance - add some minor health secrets - check the doors - final floor raise to the end.


Also i figured out to make a series of levels in this WAD, so ill keep thread updated ;).


Again - Thnx


Ill keep the red line on the flood, since i do not want the player to 'think' and keep it fast paced. 


[edit]: ill also add a floor raiser at the end of the map - so you will not get stucked if you would re-enter the level. (i prefer a remote door at the beginning since you will be punished if you dont take care of you surroundings)

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Finally got around playing your wad

Really liked it, really nice flow, good visuals and overall good level design.

Just fix the door side textures so they are not sliding and you have a great map here! 


Only thing i would add to the feedback other people have provided is the secrets are extremely generous for how easy they are to find, I would probably delete the entire ssg secret and replace with just little bit of ammo and health. And if you get the ssg from the secret you may have no desire to pick up the ssg later in the level and therefore not opening the way to progress forward


Here is my gameplay video


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- Bump -

Thought about releasing 0.9, but 1.0 instead - v1.0 first episode - will continue with new episode (v2....) and do minor changes in vX.X.123


Enjoy this is my first complete wad ever! :D

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Very good from what I just played of the first map. This is designed for continuous play?

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9 minutes ago, 6DB said:

Very good from what I just played of the first map. This is designed for continuous play?

- yes - , but added weapons in case you want to do pistol start

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I played the 1.0 version on UV in Gzdoom 4.2.4 and I encountered some problems:


MAP02: caco 150 can't teleport from its closet. I think linedefs 2237 etc. should be W1 not S1. It's not very reliable way to trigger the closet, anyway.


MAP03: I think linedef 2017 (door) has wrong texture. Linedef 1236 next to it seems misaligned.


MAP04: imp 16 never became active and thus never teleported into playable areas.


MAP07: the "give up" crushers won't kill you if you have over 160/160 health. Also, the final cyber fight is super-tough compared to the rest of the maps.


And Gzdoom reports these errors:


MAP04 - Hidden under my skin..

Removing 0-length line 2893
Map has 2 unused sidedefs


MAP05 - Broken..

Removing 0-length line 2893
Removing 0-length line 5080
Map has 2 unused sidedefs
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3413
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3490
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3500
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3530
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3532
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3536
Unknown middle texture 'MID' on second side of linedef 3658


MAP06 - I remember.. i sacrificed them..     it was a chainsaw massacre

Removing 0-length line 2893
Map has 2 unused sidedefs


MAP07 - I love the HEAT.. let's get into it!

Removing 0-length line 1083
Map has 2 unused sidedefs


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I played the first episode


First 5 maps - loved em. I had a great time with all the fights and they weren't too long, every good stuff


Map 6 felt like some kind of filler map tho, never a fan of custom enemies haha


Map 7 felt like it didn't belong in the set at all, quite a different look and feel to it and the level upped the ante on difficulty by an astounding gap compared to the previous. I think you went a little too far with the evilness here IE, awkward narrow platforms to fight FOUR cyberdemons on, and if you fall off you get burned and forced to pick up invisibilities which was particularity mean lol and pain elementals too - so that part was over the top I think


But overall I will give high praise to the first five maps, those were truly a great time I was constantly engaged and thrilled. Progression was a little cryptic sometimes but overall a great experience.


Here is video




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