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best buy

gameing rigs  

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  1. 1. gameing rigs

    • playstation 2
    • game cube
    • X-Box

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what is the best system to buy at the moment. consider games, price, and upgrades

the Play station2, $200. oldest of current systems. many games, lower end hardware. this one i think has never been that great. after the horror stories of over heating, and easily damaged hardware. also the poor hardware considering other systems. if it was 100 it would be worth the buy.

game cube- $150, new system has several games. more to be released includeing metriod. my brother owns one of these and for the current price i fell it is worth it. also links up with GBA. my own beef with this bad ass is the selection of games and the fact that most of them are for kids. another is this one is the least upgradeable.

X-Box $200 passing the game cube i bought this. new system with good hardware. games are more mature and a widere selection, but nothing like the PS selection. has internal hardrive and network abilitys. plus u get the DVD play back kit and 2 games free with purchase.

give these options which would u choose.

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I even the votes out at 1, I voted for the Nintendo Game Cube. I own one and I find it's the better system. Dispite the 251 reasons SONY has for why I should buy their system, I find only SOCOM is the only one I wanted to play, anyway, most of the good PS2 games come out for GCN anyway. I've also heard a lot of PS2's are malfunctioning lately.

XBOX doesn't really have much variety of the games I like, I love Halo but the only other game I acctually enjoyed was Wreakless. But what doesn't the XBOX have? It has all the gears and gadets already in it, no upgrades are really needed. But with all those things built in, the system has a higher immediate price, which was my reason for not first buying it...

Now to why do I perferr the GCN. It's purple and it small, yet strong. At first I was kicking myself for buying it but now there's a really good line-up of games. I like a majority of the games already out. The fact it doesn't have a built-in DVD player doesn't concern me (I had a DVD player in my game room before I bought it). I see a few upgrades: The new DVD playing GCN, improved 256MB memory cards, the GCN/GBA adapter, controllers with special features like the Turbo button (but they're not made by Nintendo, so they'll likely malfunction on you), there's a modem adapter coming and probably a few other things that don't come directly to mind. Upgrades don't really concern me either though, unless it's a GameShark or if it's required for a certain game, I usually won't buy it.

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I own a gamecube and ps2. I repsect my property so my systems are in perfect condition, even the really old ones. I've never even busted a controller. If you had to pick between the two, support the 'cube. Nintendo has been in the game a long time and they deserve it. i like my cube alot, it just needs more freakin role playing games ;| (oh btw Squaresoft is making games for nintendo consoles once again).

Besides Cube will have online support just like the ps2, so if online consoling is your bag, teh cube may be in your future!

Don't buy an xbox, it's huge, ugly and rejected. It just allows micro$oft a bigger monopoly over the entire universe. Seen the micro$oft brand condoms yet? You will.

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I already have a PS2 cuz I bought one once they came out all those years ago, but I'd proabably get a GameCube Because, X-box and Ps2 are like the same, same games, same type of everything, so its pointless imo, plus...I wanna play SSBM.

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DOOM Anomaly said:

Or more specificly... PC

No. Doom.

Oh, wait. That's not an O/S. Feh, details; who needs them?

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if I had the money I would buy both the ps2 and gc. I would never touch an x-box. microsoft is evil!!!

/me watches as bill gates/satan pops up on comp screen and fries me.

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Playstation 2 have FF series,many good RPG and also GTA3 and Vice city,Metal Gear solid.it can run PSX soft (in case if you don`t have psx).Online serive do have problem right now.Desgin is good.

GC is newer,there are many upcoming good title(Metriod prime,Zelda,FF:Chronicle,Biohazard Zero(Resident Evil Zero))i like its compact desgn.low price

XBOX,hmm has most fire power.but it stills lack of interesting game (in my taste) Halo,hmm that is all i can count.but future release like Halo2,DOOM3 Unreal Championship seems appealig.

if you do upgrade your computer from time to time (like me),i would say go for PS2 or GC.you won`t go wrong with these choicesMaybe you should get em both!.

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i bought the X box because i already have the game cube, and i have no intention of owning a PS2. the x box is pretty good for a microsoft product( befor i bought it i always sid it would suck) but it does need more games, which are comming. however the ultimate console will always be the PC, nothing beats it and if microsoft, nintendo or sony say their systems can... well they are full of it. i split games into 2 types, good for the PC and best for a consol.
games like resident evil, silent hill, and a few others are better on a consol. games like unreal tournament, doom3, quake3 are grear for PC only. i wish some companies would get away from contracting with just one console company. like squaresoft and sony, i would like to see the final fantasy games on PC, and game cube at the very least. also games like red faction 2 would be better suited for xbox and game cube rather than the weak ass PS2, however it will be for the PC soon.
games with needs: like lots of controls, high graphics, fast speed, networking and raw power are best made for PC. not like that 100+ game that uses a 42 button control for x box. also why in the hell would i pay to have broad band for my gamecube xbox when i could have it for my computer. at least with the x box i can add it to my network.

games with needs: like little conrol, normal graphics, medium speed and less power should be consol games. even though it dont have to have bad graphics, console games today can compete in graphics, just not raw core power. also the dream cast was in a way like a web TV device. if it had a hard drive it would have rocked as well as a bootable OS, off of that hard drive

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