---------------------------------- Hexen: Walpurgis is a Gameplay Mod that works with Doom, Heretic, and Hexen! It is for the latest version of GZDoom (ONLY).   !!~GET IT HERE~!! (Version 0.92)
Googledrive Mirror   Hexen Walpurgis is... A gameplay mod that works with Doom, Hexen and Heretic, straight out of the Box! Focused on giving everything three fire-modes without needing any extra resources, just balancing them around standard blue and green mana/ammo consumption. Will have upgrades for each of those afformentioned fire-modes (think Trailblazer)~ I will point out that not all of these are implemented yet, though. Strong and fun, but balanced. Extra care has been put into making everything have punch and impact and be fun to use but not the level of overkill. I'm a mad perfectionist when I get going; so repeatedly testing something over and over whilst I tweak values is not unusual. Gothically medieval, with a taste of moderate-high fantasy. Magic is meant to semi-common in the world, whether through artifacts, or mystical items. Based around play where you get used to using both your arsenal and your inventory items in tandem. Flechettes and Discs of Repulsion are really useful now; so use them! Rigorously playtested with custom doom, heretic, and hexen wads to get a feel for how it plays with them; and to see if I can find reason to switch between my arsenal all the time (which is the sign of a good arsenal, in my opinion). Is named this way because... well, "Hexen" are witches from germanic folklore. Walpurgisnacht is a grand festival for witches in general. So as a festival of new content for Hexen related shenanigans; its doubly relevant. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a summary of what all the classes do!

STREAMER VIDEOS Thanks to MotiTerminus for covering Walpurgis in Playtesting Stream #4! Starts automatically at 01:19:00. He plays Vanguard by Skillsaw using the Crusader and the Magister. -------------------------------------------------------------------
Thanks for struukduuker for covering Walpurgis! Check out his Myrmidon video here: -------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE VIDEOS (YOUTUBE PLAYLIST) ----------------------------------- --------------------------------- Watch more videos of it on this YOUTUBE PLAYLIST!! ---------------------------------- When I was a kid, and still now, I've always been a fantasy nerd, so Hexen was always one of my favourite Doom spinoffs: I've long wanted to create something for it, something similar to what Heretical did for Heretic, but the initial step forwards was always something I was lethargic about. After all, I'm not much of a natural coder; my skills lie in spriting and writing by default.
  Fortunately for me; 4page in this very forum recently released a mod called HexArcana' in a similar vein, which I enjoyed quite alot. Huge props to them; because apparently this was the kick up the ass I needed to start proper Decorate usage and get cracking. What started as me simply adding the Lightbringer (from Hexen 2) to HexArcana, spiralled massively out of control, and it turned gradually from spinoff into full-fledged mod of its own.
  It now shares very little with HexArcana as its been gradually shaped by my vision of what I wanted in a Hexen mod. I'm not exactly the best Doom player in the box, so my design philosophy is rule of cool over practicality, and making the mod that I want to play! That really shows in how its developed.
  The revised classes are now the Myrmidon (Fighter); the Crusader (Cleric), and the Magister (Mage). There is a custom 4th class too, the Druid!   Most recent changelog