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The DWIronman League survives: No Sleep for the Dead

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February, 2020




The yearly leader board


Standard Leaderboard:

  1. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (34:51): Ancalagon - Last time Ancalagon survived, they were a winner as well. Crazy to think it was two and a half years ago.
  2. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (38:30): Archi - What if you picked that berserk on E2M1 earlier?
  3. - 1 - SURVIVED +2 (40:34): Bdubzzz - Are we witnessing the birth of a new Krypto?
  4. - 1 - SURVIVED +2 (41:44): Beginner - No "super retarded shit" in this run. 
  5. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (47:33): antares031 - Confident through the set; too confident, even.
  6. 2 - SURVIVED +2 (47:57): ReaperAA - Doesn't get a lag spike this time around!
  7. - 2 - SURVIVED +2 (54:46): NaZa - I got lucky on the bonus level, I'll tell you that much.
  8. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (56:11): WH-Wilou84 - No unnecessary panic in this one, well managed!
  9. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (58:20): SSGmaster - All logic points to a blackout during E2M1, at least video-wise! 
  10. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (1:02:59): leodoom85 - Slips into Top 10 on the 25th hour.
  11. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (1:05:08): Arbys550 - Does well to recover from the opening shock. Another first-time survival!
  12. - 1 - SURVIVED +2 (1:15:12): Roofi - Checks in every corner en route to the exit.
  13. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (1:16:28): Vince Vega - Exclusive Ironman delivers once more a comfortable survival.
  14. - 1 - SURVIVED +2 (1:17:59): dt_ - Blind specialist delivers what's required of them again.
  15. 1 - SURVIVED +2 (1:24:07): Suitepee - Fairly certain you spent most of your time looking for the secret exit. 
  16. 1 - SURVIVED +1 (48:17): Juza - Pity you didn't find the secret map. That's where I was a bit underwhelmed, at least.
  17. 1 - SURVIVED +1 (53:35): cannonball - Backed into a pillar on the bonus level. Baron was having none of it.
  18. - 1 - SURVIVED +1 (54:48): UncleTito - Not often do you see a debut survival - well done!
  19. 1 - SURVIVED +1 (1:21:27): ozy - Congratulations on the first survival! May there be more to come.
  20. 1 - SURVIVED +1 (2:13:38): RjY - Even without preparation, RjY still survives. I guess it wasn't solely down to preparation.
  21. 1 - SURVIVED +1 (2:27:14): Crusader No Regret - I heard a snail was ahead of CNR in a 100m dash by an hour. The snail didn't make it, though.
  22. 1 - E1M8: NoisyVelvet - You could see the realization a tic before, but I prefer to look at it as if it was intended. It looks really brave that way.
  23. - 1 - E1M8: JudgeDeadd - I guess JudgeDeadd is a fan of facing off Cyberdemons in claustrophobic situations.
  24. 1 - E1M8: LoudSilence - Avoids the BFG until it's too late.
  25. 1 - E1M7: Leszczynek - That's gotta hurt, and I could feel the pain, but hey, you killed your own killer!
  26. 1 - E1M7: seed - Even if you died, at least you knew the map by heart now, judging by how many times you circumnavigated it.
  27. 1 - E1M7: Fiendzy - The demons didn't appreciate that speech.
  28. 1 - E1M7: Horus - Stealth Baron snags one.
  29. 1 - E1M5: RonnieJamesDinner - Takes a wrong turn at the exit.
  30. 1 - E1M1: Pegleg - I was really rooting for you to make it to E1M3 at least.


Prepared Leaderboard:

  1. # - E1M7: Anima Zero - GJ ANIMA!
  2. - #E1M5: Pegleg - See, that's how it was supposed to look like! :c


What is the Doomworld Ironman League?

The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom!


In February 2020 the DWIronman League dies to survives No Sleep for the Dead by @Jan van der Veken. Party like it's 1993 in this WAD full of classic design that we so often see in Van der Veken's works! Featuring endless action, basic but well done layouts but also more hitscan in an ironic twist from last month. At times you'll feel like you're playing The Classic Episode or perhaps The Dawn of the Dead (especially in E1M5!). Still, it's a fairly fun WAD! More importantly, probably easier than last month. Fun fact: I had to relocate sets to get the easiest possible for this month. Yes, that means it shouldn't get easier than this. Well, let's get to Dooming, shall we?


This is the easiest you'll ever play DWIronman. Next month it's a return to an ever-harsher reality.


Essential Info

  • The Ultimate Doom / Doom 1 as the IWAD selected.
  • Compatibility level 3, or "(Doom (strict))" for ZDoom derivative ports.
  • 8 levels are necessary for survival - the secret level will improve your position only if you survive the whole episode.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: There's a bonus level in the E2M1 slot. Feel free to play it. The same applies as the secret level - it will improve your position only if you survive it.


prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom.wad -file nos4dead.wad -deh nos4dead.deh -complevel 3 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp


> Download No Sleep for the Dead




  • There are two competitions: Standard and Prepared:

    • To compete successfully in the Standard competition: your first play of the selected WAD(s) constitutes your one and only attempt for the month.

    • To compete successfully in the Prepared competition: your one and only attempt for the month is determined BY YOU immediately before play and may follow any prior number of active and/or passive preparation (playing the set) that are strictly for practice/inspection purposes only. You cannot compete in the Standard competition after submitting a run to the Prepared competition. You may submit the first of your practice attempts to the Standard competition.

  • UV only (excepting 1CC format), continuous recording. No pistol-starting each level.
  • Demos (PrBoom+, GLBoom, Eternity or Chocolate), stream highlights and video recordings are the only accepted proofs. You must link to these runs in the thread. 
  • No additional WADs may be loaded.
  • No inspection of the WAD(s)'s content in an editor if you are submitting a Standard run.
  • No cheat codes and no features that result in behavior beyond what is possible in the intended source port (e.g. freelook, jumping and crouching in a boom set). This includes dynamic lights and brightmaps. If streaming or recording videos using an advanced source port with compatibility options, you must display these settings on-screen before your run. In ZDoom derivative ports, "Doom/Boom(strict)" will suffice.
  • If you choose to stream/record your run for video rather than provide a demo and you die before completing a single level, either on the first map of a set OR because a single level was selected for the month, you must display the number of monsters killed/remaining in the level before you quit.
  • You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the game having completed more secret levels than his/her competitors will rank higher than them.
  • You cannot load a game having progressed past the save point.
  • You cannot consult Doom Builder during your run to check for map details.
  • If the recording of your official run is interrupted due to technical difficulties, you are not permitted a second attempt. Any surviving recording may be used to register a DNF result.
  • Accidentally restarting a level before a death exit takes you to the tally screen will disqualify your run.
  • If you are competing in the Standard competition, you are required to affix one of three numbers to your run informing the League of your degree of familiarity with the map/set played. Note that your evaluation should only take into consideration the content covered in your run (e.g. if you remember only one part of a level in a set you haven't played before but never reach that level, you should list your run as a [1] instead of [2]):


  1. This is a blind run. If I have played or watched any of the level/set being played before, I cannot remember any details that would offer a reasonable advantage over truly blind players. *
  2. This is not a blind run. I have familiarity with the set - played the level/set before, or watched it being played, and can remember some details that would offer a reasonable advantage over blind players.
  3. This is not a blind run. I have passively prepared for the competition - watched the level/set being played via stream, demo or video after it was announced as this month's challenge.


* "Reasonable" in this instance asks you to consider whether the details in question are worth committing to memory. As in, you would thank the person who gave you this information with a straight face and not expect to be laughed at for being an utter berk.



Previous threads:







Edited by NaZa : Leaderboard update.

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Now, then, as the last month's challenge was far more brutal than I had envisioned it being, I had to, as I've said, relocate the sets I've chosen for this year - even change a few outright. This set, being one of the easier ones I've envisioned, just so happened to find itself as a nice breather before things go south again. This month is more a test in speed than survival, though that begs the question - how fast can you go while still feeling comfortable? 


Last months, Bdubzzz snatched a deserved victory last month, but Roofi and Wilou returned, and even back to their 2017 form. Will Bdubzzz be the new Krypto? We shall see. RJD snatched a first Top 10 finish, and Arbys entered the Standard scene with a blazing Top 5 finish last month. Kudos to RjY and StoneMason as well for participating for the first time in a while.


There was talk last month about how gamma correction can allow somebody to see in darkness better and potentially cheese some areas that play with darkness. I had a compromise in mind - to ask people to use Gamma Correction 1 at most (in prBoom+) or 1.6 (in ZDoom derivatives). However... it's just mindless over-the-top leveling the field when the field isn't fully level to begin with by allowing ZDoom, by extension GZDoom with its advanced lightning, into the fray. That's why I chose against it.

That's it for the clarifications I suppose. Looking forward to hearing more DSSGCOCK and DSPISTOL & less DSPLDETH in this one! 

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Survived in 1:07:25 with E3M9 (without E2M1) Category 2 (it could have been easily category 1 , I will explain)


Edit : Add E2M1 in 7:47


I thought I was playing a new wad at first, but as time went on I realized that I had already played it several years ago. 


Indeed, I just remember some small sections in E1M9, E1M8 and E1M7. I forgot everything else : the traps, the music, everything. Honestly, it's a category 1 run but I prefer to respect the rule as scrupulously as possible.


I think I'm going to finish far in the ranking this month. The wad is as easy or even easier than episode 1 of Ultimate Doom. Instead of playing against the clock, I preferred to savor the wad by searching for all the secrets and killing the monsters. Unlike Hellscape, I think almost everyone will manage to survive this wad, I don't want to fight for a few seconds.


The wad itself is excellent. It devours itself like a bag of chips. It's a great wad to get back to an experience similar to Ultimate Doom. On the other hand, that's probably why I quickly forgot about it. The wad doesn't really have its own identity.


Edited by Roofi

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Seeing that, I would also like to add that the bonus level on E2M1 is also something worth checking out and will improve your placement on the leaderboard if survived. See the April 2018 challenge of 50 Monsters, it had the exact same situation with 2 bonus maps and 32 normal maps, however this time it's 9 and 1.


2 minutes ago, Roofi said:

I think almost everyone will manage to survive this wad [...]

I don't, on the other hand, even if I do expect more that 50% survival rates. There are a few deathspots in the later maps. A deadly misstep in E1M8 is also always possible, as well as a death upon entering E2M1 itself.

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E2M1 survived in 7:47 (Category 1 for this one :p)


Also , I finished E1M9 in my first run.


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Category 1


Finished all 8 main levels in 1:21:27 although after watching the run, you'll probably wonder how I even made it to the end.  


This was my first completed ironman run and the experience was just intense!


The wad itself is fantastic and really well paced.





Edited by ozy

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5 hours ago, Roofi said:

Unlike Hellscape, I think almost everyone will manage to survive this wad


Well, trust me to be the first to fail. To be fair, I did think it was significantly harder than E1 of UDoom, though I have the advantage of foreknowledge on that one obviously.


Category 1 demo

Dead: E1M7 - Quarantine Area

Time: Something like 42:30

Monsters: 21/134


I played and completed the secret map, though at a couple of points I thought I was going to die on it, at least that didn't happen lol! I enjoyed this mapset a lot actually, it was a great homage to the original E1 and gameplay was engaging throughout. 


My method of death was...disappointing



Seriously, fuck you baron #2 for being there >:-(




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Well, this is kind of a GJ ANIMA moment, but not in the way you probably think.  You see, I did an initial blind run clear in 51:05 with the secret map complete too.  Even (somehow) did the bonus map too.  That'd be great to post...had I somehow, you know, actually managed to record it.  Somehow I managed to DELETE the -record line from my run command I use for all my recordings.  Boy was I salty, heh.


So, just for kicks, I tried once more and you get the run you see here where I die at E1M7.  Done in because I didn't double check to make sure my run command was all set to go, haha.


I expect every one of you that replies to this messages to give me a hearty GJ ANIMA because I deserve it for that xD.


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Decided to do this one fairly comfortably, like Roofi scanning for secrets, but in the later maps I did put on my rocket shoes to get by quickly.


Category 2, completed the main ordeal in 48:46 with the secret map included. Bonus map also completed, in around 6:00.


Fairly easy, although there were a few places that caught me off-guard. Fairly certain I had 40 HP throughout most of E1M6 after misjudging a few shotgunners in very quick succession. Expected to flop on the bonus level, nearly happened when I attempted to rush a horde of angry shotgunners and barons. I am 100% sure I'd have died there had I not saved the berserk for situations like those. 





7 hours ago, Anima Zero said:

So, just for kicks, I tried once more and you get the run you see here where I die at E1M7.  Done in because I didn't double check to make sure my run command was all set to go, haha.

That sucks. Runs of that nature were pinned on the board a few times, like leodoom85's second run of Base Ganymede after the first one had a similar fate to yours... and you actually didn't get as far as you did in your first run, so I feel all the more guilty for slapping that run in the Prepared Leaderboard after I update the leaderboards, as it's your second attempt technically. I don't think it's fully fair, especially because you died sooner, but... Eh.



Edited by NaZa

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Will attempt the main run soon today when I get time. Meanwhile I decided to do the bonus map. I felt lucky discovering a secret ammo area and surviving the starting area without taking much damage.


E2M1demo.zip (cat 1 and completed in about 5 minutes)


Hopefully it would count if I manage to fail in the main episode. Edit: Nevermind, it won't count.

Edited by ReaperAA

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Huh, so I'm hearing this is easier eh. That remains to be seen 1.0 .


I'm super busy these days so I don't expect being able to make my run as quickly as I usually do.

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Survived+1 in 43:13 (Cat 2)



Well regarding category, I thought this was gonna be cat 1, but I could recall some of the maps and even their traps (I probably watched this wad before but I didn't remember the name).


Regarding the wad, its a classic E1+E2 type affair (more amplified in combat tho). Also I have to say I liked E1M6 for being a recreation of a Doom alpha map.

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2 hours ago, ReaperAA said:

Edit: Nevermind, it won't count.

Actually, it will. I know it looks wonky but after your run you'll only be listed as survived if you beat the entire episode and the bonus map, regardless of the secret level. In case somebody survived the episode without the secret level and beat the bonus map (aka 9 levels), he'll be ranked as having SURVIVED +0, and by that higher than somebody who died on E1M8 but beat both the secret level and the bonus map (also 9 levels), ranked as 9 levels. If somebody beat the whole episode and secret level but has not played the bonus level, that's also ranked as 9 levels, but the cumulative time taken is the tiebreaker between those two. This is because the secret level is, as has always been, a risk you might be willing to take, but it always only counts if you survive the entire ordeal.


If you have intel about that, please let me know. Basically, as it was worded, the bonus level is only counted if you survive the whole episode, you can choose to not attempt it if you die in, say, E1M5.


EDIT: Nevermind. Maybe it's better that the bonus level is only counted if you survive everything, as it can be seen as a bonus to see whether you "deserve" that survival, heh.

Edited by NaZa

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7 minutes ago, NaZa said:

EDIT: Nevermind. Maybe it's better that the bonus level is only counted if you survive everything, as it can be seen as a bonus to see whether you "deserve" that survival, heh.



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Category 1 - Survived +2 

Uh this wad seemed familiar.. oh right Episode 1. Couple kind of close calls, didn't get lost for long so that's good.. was expecting to get lost or not find the Secret exit etc :p

Time taken: 34:53

Bonus map: 5:41

Total time: 40:34

Also streamed it which make nerves more intense since you don't want to die on an easy wad in front of a live audience of... 3? people lul 



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Category 1 submission.

I've beaten the wad in 35:11 (and secret map as well). Bonus map was also completed in 6:33.

Like most of the E1-style wads it can be easily completed if you don't do super retarded shit.

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On 2/1/2020 at 9:19 PM, NaZa said:

This is the easiest you'll ever play DWIronman.

Ha ha, did you think that would be enough to stop me from dying? Think again!




Dead at E1M7 (Quarantine Area), fell not to the ambush, but to the easiest thing right after it. I can't stop laughing whenever I remember this blunder. Have fun watching that and me losing the sense of direction at the beginning of the level. I didn't look for the secret levels, so I did none, I think.

Category 1.



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Category 1. Survived pretty slowly with the secret level and the bonus. E1 time was 59:17, E2M1 time was 6:22. A lot of time was probably wasted looking for secrets. I liked the wad generally, but hated the hitscan. I never liked hitscanners. I thought I was gonna die in the very first room for a second, that would have been embarrassing.




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Yikes, I'm a little embarrassed. RJD_nosleep.zip


Category 1. Dead on map five, 156 monsters, just under 19 minutes. I was doing really well for time I think... but I was going a little bit too fast, too reckless. All this talk of a super easy WAD gave me some hubris that my skills just couldn't match :(

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Category 1, survived + 2.

Great pick, this wad starts off as a pure E1-styled set (some would surely call it a ripoff due to how close some parts are from the original game) and then dwells into The Shores of Hell territory with its eerie grey labs and bright red satanic crosses. Gameplay is consistently good, and indeed easy - even though there definitely were a couple near-death moments during my run.
Trying to ignore enemies and go fast isn't my playstyle at all, but I must admit it's a ton of fun in these kinds of wads.

Edit : also GJ ANIMA !


Edited by WH-Wilou84

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Category 1, survived +2. (I beat E2M1 in 6:39, and based off a rough calculation of the video time on E1M8; since the actual timer was obscured by my ongoing Kynikoss donation goal and I forgot to check at the end properly; I finished E1M1-E1M8 plus E1M9 in 1:17:28, which gives a total of 1:24:07.)


A pretty easy stroll overall, aside from taking forever to figure out the secret map exit on E1M3. E2M1 was the toughest challenge, but I prevailed.

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Type 1: blind  After over 2 hours, found myself in the middle of M7 down to 3 health.  How do you think it turned out?  Did complete M9, for what it's worth.


    After a certain Maverick hunter in blue delivers a "GJ Anima," he'll stop by to dope slap me for the degree of stupidity I managed to display. 


Picking up a Soulsphere before the berserk.  Oh and choking on the bonus map.

PrBoom+ -complevel 3  Recorded with Freedoom.


Edited by Crusader No Regret

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Survived +2 in around an hour, category 1.

I think the author lost his creativity at some point because there was some areas that looked a lot like the beta version of Doom maps.


The Youtube video

Edit: video reuploaded  and link changed


The demo files



Edited by SSGmaster

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Episode 1 - Survived in 53:35 (Including the secret level)

E2M1 - Dead with 90 kills, my demise was due more to forgetting a wall was right behind me and being stupidly hit by a baron fireball. Oh well....


Great set of maps, it is strange to see a set sort of vary in difficulty with atmosphere taking over for the last couple of maps. The bonus map is certainly more difficult but I think I brought my own downfall there. This would count as a category 2 given I have played this years ago and there was some familiarity (More probably from watching demos by others for this set back in the day).

So this is technically my first survival as well.



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