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The DWIronman League survives: No Sleep for the Dead

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Category 1, ep 1 survived in 46:10. No secret level. Spent way too much time secret hunting for my own good, and got lost on e1m7. Caught a rocket like a champ.

Pretty cool set overall. Made me miss the SSG with the hordes of imps and all.



Edit: Bonus level! 8:38, getting 100% kills. Shame I only discovered the BFG secret after the YK fight.

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Welp, I got distracted with chat, and constantly put my self in danger as I was not concentrating. TL;DR I died on E1m7 :(

also did some extra stuff after my attempt by sampling E1m9 and barely looking at e2m1, then sampled another offtopic map and got my ars kicked because of it xD

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Sweet save at the end of E1M9.

Unfortunately I died on E1M8 to the big guy. I tried camping in the door, but ran out of patience when he just plain refused to show his ugly mug. I risked running for the BFG, and then... it turned out there was less room to maneuver than I had hoped.

Category 1

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Category 1


Dead on E1M1

Kills: 18/50

Time: 1:54


Dead on E2M1

Kills: 3/107

Time: 0:17




Everyone can relax for this month. I've shown up and recorded my last place finish for blind runs. Someone is going to have to try really hard to top this one. This isn't my worst performance (I can think of at least 2 right off hand that would top this), but I definitely didn't handle the opening well. Where it ranks depends on how you consider my dismal performance against the almost ⅔ (15/24 as of this writing) who survived.


As for E2M1, there is undoubtedly a much better way to handle that hot opening than I found (that is to say, anything would be better than running around seemingly in a panic). In fact, I particularly enjoyed seeing the berserk pack as I ran past it to my death. Would it have helped? I may have been able to survive a bit longer.


I will say this about this month: I'm looking forward to better performances for my Category 3 run.

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Did a prepared recording after routing the maps and a couple of unrecorded practice attempts (one of which ended on the first map).  Was on pace for a 1:25 - 1:30 finish but ate a direct rocket hit from the cyber on M8 and spiraled out of control.  Doesn't seem to be any incentive to post this embarrassment.

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Did not survive, died on Quarantine Area.


OOF, I'm very triggered. Not because of how I died, but because I died after wasting so much time on that stupid map. Whatever... interesting wad though, the E1 worship is real here.



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Category 1. I tried to beat the wad as fast as I can, instead of usual UV-Max style, judging from the leaderboard. It was an interesting recreation of the original episode 1, and I was a little bit surprised by the unexpected, and yet challenging e4-style bonus level.


Survived the wad in 42:16, and the bonus e2 level in 5:17. So it's 47:33 in total.





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My Category 1 post is here, for reference.


Category 3


Dead on E1M5

Kills: 141/171

Time: 51:07


Dead on E2M1

Kills: 27/107

Time: 1:23




As I hoped, I did better on my prepared run. With the benefit of knowing what was coming, I had a much better strategy for how to move through the early levels. Actually E1M4 and E1M5 were both blind because I hadn't actually played them during my practice runs. Ultimately, I fell right by the doorstep to E1M6. Oh well. Such is the danger of running around with your health hovering at or below 10%. As for E2M1, I did about as well as I could have hoped with that map. Ultimately, I'm happy with both performances for Category 3, E1 and E2M1.


No Sleep for the Dead is an enjoyable mapset. I really liked it. There are a number of ambushes in the form of monster closets that open behind you and to the side of you, but they're manageable. There's a fair amount of ammo and a decent amount of health scattered around the maps. The levels aren't cramped and there's a lot of interconnectedness that lets you snipe at targets to dispatch them early, so you don't have to deal with them later. But that also means that they can shoot you, so you have to stay on your toes. Very rarely are you pinned down with little ability to move, which was a good feature.


I preferred the first episode to the bonus level, although it was interesting to watch a stream of imps and demons that were headed straight for me become distracted by some sergeants, and start infighting enough to give me a break to run through.


I may go back and play this mapset again on a lower difficulty level. It was fun, and I thought it was a good selection for the month. It does make me wonder what is in store for next month (which is less than 24 hours away at the time of this writing).

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Fava Beans was a bit easier I think -- but it was "unofficial" just for the folks who couldn't outlive May'19 without playing Doom whilst waiting for Sigil lol.


Episode I: surwuwed +1 in 1:08:30

Episode II: surwuwed in 7:58

Total: surwuwed +2 in 1:16:28


One of the WADs which offer you some ambushes and lots of secrets but let ye manage both of these with no pain, suffering and overbearing yourself lol.

Category "I thought it was a blindfolded competition" (have never played this before).



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Category 1. Survived episode 1 (no secret level because I got tired of looking for it) in about 35-40 minutes (I didn't memorize it) and the episode 2 level in 6:41.


Spent way too much time in E1M3 looking for the secret exit but wasted too much time for my own good. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't really look for secrets unless their entrace is really obvious, so I'm kinda mad I didn't just ignore it right away but rather spent 5 or so minutes just looking for the passage to the secret level, but ended up finding a lot of secrets I didn't need instead (that mega-armor was cool).


The ending to episode 1 was quite underwhelming. I had been keeping some rockets for the 'possible two Baron fight at the end', but when I got to it and it just handed me dozens of rockets I started questioning who the boss might be, and thought "It's gonna throw 4 Cyberdemons at me with no cover ain't it", but no. Was quite disappointed. Pretty fun pack overall and a good choice for IronMan.


nos4dead-FDA.zip (contains two files, 000-nos4dead is the full demo for episode 1 and 000-nos4dead2 is the episode 2 level).

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Blind, 2:14:25

E1M1  EXIT   50/50   0  25/25  3/3   7:52+21     7:52
E1M2  EXIT  101/101  0   4/4   5/5  11:19+17    19:11
E1M3  EXIT  142/142  0  36/36  9/9  17:45+16    36:56
E1M9  EXIT  167/167  0   3/3   4/4  15:12+05    52:08
E1M4  EXIT  143/143  0  27/27  8/8  19:38+20  1:11:46
E1M5  EXIT  171/171  0  27/28  8/8  24:17+02  1:36:03
E1M6  EXIT   78/78   0  27/27  6/6  12:45+25  1:48:48
E1M7  EXIT  134/134  0  43/50  6/6  17:56+03  2:06:44
E1M8  EXIT   62/62   0   2/2   2/2   6:54+15  2:13:38

E2M1  DEAD   19/107 88   3/38  0/8   0:47+03


I survived the main episode including the secret level, but not the bonus level. The former took 2:13:38. The latter I lived for 47 seconds with 19 kills at point of death. I am not sure how those results combine for the ranking. 9/10 maps? I suppose the times just add together to make 2:14:25.


I am embarrassed to have not played this before. Apparently, I had meant to play it and made a note when it was released, but subsequently forgot all about it. Then, as I played it I began to recognise some of the map names: being quite strange-sounding, I recall participating in a thread where it was revealed they were anagrams. Anyway, the situation is unfortunate because on a first playthrough I do not want to miss anything. You only get to discover it once; it's never the same again. Multiplied by the damage-avoiding exaggeratedly-cautious progression of an ironman run, results in a truly monumentally slow recording. At least I did indeed not miss anything besides a few items. Apologies to anyone who endures the entirety! It was more entertaining to record than to watch.


However the bonus level, recorded a few days later, was a disaster. No time to get your bearings, surrounded, must run immediately. I ran one way and met a baron. Apparently there was a berserk box right there, but I didn't see it. I ran away, past the shotgun on the ledge. I didn't want to get too close to the sergeants behind it, plus in the brief moment I was facing that direction it looked out of reach - this was a mistake. Desperate for some way to defend myself I tried to get a shotgun off a sergeant on the other side of the area. By the time I had it I was at 55% health - he had too many friends. A few steps further on, somehow my health is now 4%. When I heard the roar of a second baron, boxed in with it and two spectres, I knew I was dead. I had no health, I could not risk returning the way I came because of too much hitscan. I thought I could buy some time with a stimpack and killing the second baron, I believe I had just enough ammo, but by then the rest of the roaming monsters were finding their way there and I was overwhelmed.

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Like on Ironeagle, just a last minute gameplay survival thingy of me!!!
Still saturday 29th here...survived the first episode with secret map included in 56:06. ALSO survived the special E2M1 map in 6:53...

Rough start on that map for sure but, when I got the berserk....most of the map became a breeze....Good set overall and really fun while I took an aggressive approach most of the time.


Category 1 (yes, all blind). UV and done with GLB+

Demo: dwiw_ns4td.zip (larger file is the episode, small file is the special map)

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Leaderboard updated. Expect the new competition today, in about 6 hours. Congratulations to @Ancalagon for spoiling the party and delivering a mesmerizing run. 

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On 2/1/2020 at 10:19 PM, NaZa said:

E1M7: seed - Even if you died, at least you knew the map by heart now, judging by how many times you circumnavigated it.


You're not wrong here :V .


I think the fact that they put the red door, the one to require a key, between 2 regular doors was very uninspired and confusing. All the time I thought all of them were locked, and by the time I randomly attempted to open one it was too late, lost most of my health and armor on damaging floors...

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