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Korax Mod is back!

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On 3/30/2021 at 10:09 PM, Mangudai said:

So, how do you think I should fix the issue? I mean, I download the archive from the websites (tried both one from moddb and the one from Sourceforge) and put my hexen.wad on the folder, but it doesn't load correctly.

Edit: fixed by doing the following:

1) Downloaded korax mod 5 and extracted it into a folder.
2) Downloaded Korax mod 5.1 and extracted it into the folder of the korax mod 5.

Seems to work. 


While packaging KMOD 5.2, I found the root cause in 5.1: the file "base.txt" was missing in the kmod subfolder. The reason I wasn't able to reproduce this issue is because I use the setup utility to define the wad file location (why waste space on extra copies?), and the utility (over)writes base.txt.

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