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plasma color mod

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is there some mod that can change plasma gun and bfg plasma color?

i want to change plasma gun to green plasma like the  Arachnotrons one

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Making the plasma fire look like the arachotron's is a very quick and easy mod whether done with Dehacked or Decorate.


For the BFG color, Dehacked can change it to gray, brown, or a dull red.   Decorate can change it to any color in the palette same as if you were actually editing the graphics themselves using a translation command.   Well editing the graphics and using a custom palette or high color allows the greatest range of color.   So far I've stuck to the regular game palettes with my own work.

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SUPRWEP8.DEH i just learned recently replaces the BFG ball with the arachnotron one, so if you copy its sprite numbers that should work if you're familiar with dehacked.

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It'd be cool if there was a mod that randomized the colors so you sometimes fire off blue, red, green, yellow, orange or purple plasma shots, similar to how that Xmas Doom mod handles it with firing red and green shots.



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18 hours ago, Mischings said:

That would be an interesting mod. Though I don't think that exists yet.

Contender for most adorable post of the month

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