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First speedrun demo

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Well, as this is my first, my demo is laggy and one of my worst (my record is 6:03 minutes by the time of posting this) speedruns.

I used GZDoom with vertical mouse look, jump and crouching, but the next ones that I'll make will be on crispy doom without those things.


If anyone can tell me some strategies to help me, it would be greatly appreciated!

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This is HNTR Speed? I can't tell since I don't play lower difficulty. BTW, GZDoom has demo compatibility problems, so it's very hard for the person who wants to watch your demo... even with provided version number.

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Since using GZDoom, and crouching/jumping etc, are so different to how the standard vanilla game is played, it's a bit hard for anyone to give meaningful advice. One of many reasons that playing with a vanilla compatible source port, and similar settings and all that, is important is that runs can only really be compared that have been played in the same conditions. For example, in the video you posted you jumped straight over the enemies in map 2. This isn't possible in vanilla gameplay, and well, hopefully you see the problem. I know you said that from now on you'll use crispy, which is good, but it must be emphasised that this is really important. 

On top of using a correct port, the first three difficulty levels do not have their own speedrun categories, and tend to either not go into the archive at all or get categorised as 'other'. You're playing on one of the first three difficulties in the above video, and will need to play on Ultra-Violence for a UV-Speed demo (and Nightmare! for a nightmare video, doubt you'll be doing that though (-: ). 


I'm not sure why you didn't post the 6:03 if you have one, as this one was 7:17. Asking for advice to improve a run that you have already improved by 1:14 isn't a good way of finding ways to get better. 


As far as the run itself goes, on map 3 you go into the secret level and this is a significantly slower route. Going to secret levels is not a requirement of speed categories. It IS a requirement of max categories (all kills and all secrets on every level) but you weren't doing that, so you can skip the secret level. I recommend checking out the current record on YouTube to see the route. On m4 and m7, the route can also be improved, see the video for that too. Otherwise, just better movement in general I guess, running into enemies less and colliding with walls less etc. Once again, it must be emphasised that GZDoom and vanilla compatible source ports are different, and the game plays very differently depending on which one you use. If you want to make serious attempts using a vanilla compatible port like crispy, you should not be practising with GZDoom. 


Finally, there are different threads for posting demos in. Demos are uploaded frequently and if a new thread was created every time it'd be pretty chaotic, so it's not necessary for you to do so from now on. The Ultimate Doom Demos thread would be the one you're after in this case. 

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47 minutes ago, GarrettChan said:

This is HNTR Speed?

Actually from what i can gather it's skill 1! There are skill 1 demos in DoomedSDA but as you guys have mentioned, GZDoom should not be used for demos.


I enjoyed watching the run in the OP.


edit: I should clarify: there are skill 1 demos in the archive, but there are no categories for skill 1 and you won't win any records etc.

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There's not really much I can say that hasn't already been said here, but one other thing you should know is that you don't need to create a new topic for this. There already happens to be a thread for ultimate doom speed demos which you can post in.


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Thank you all for feedback and recommendations for where to post next!

Anyways, I tried to do an ITYTD Speed run which is a category in the speedrun site, so I thought it was an official type of Doom speedruns.

15 hours ago, almostmatt1 said:

I'm not sure why you didn't post the 6:03 if you have one, as this one was 7:17.

I didn't record it. I only have the 6:03 on my TimeSplit program. I guess you can still not believe me since I still don't have any proof, It's fine with me.


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2 hours ago, Mischings said:

I didn't record it. I only have the 6:03 on my TimeSplit program. I guess you can still not believe me since I still don't have any proof, It's fine with me.

Fair enough. It's not that I didn't believe you :) Typically when people are doing attempts they'll be recording a demo for each attempt, and if they get a PB, they'll put aside that demo to hang on to. I just assumed that that's what you had done.

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