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I did the new texture for the dark soldier

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I think it's a little too flashy looking, but otherwise it's nice. Darker colors, perhaps?

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On 2/4/2020 at 5:38 PM, Freedoomguy_935 said:

This is the new texture I did for the dark soldier,I still need practice with drawing pixel sprites but I triedsprite1.png


Need practice....You tried?? LOL!! You are just being modest ! 

It looks fuckin' awesome! I would call him 'Wishmaster' :-P

I hope you can bring your creation to life someday.

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7 hours ago, cambreaKer said:

looks really good, but the colors make my eyes bleed, can you darken the red and green a bit?


It made me curious how it would end up then. I took a screenshot and used GIMP to see how it could look like then. (Probably too dark now XD)

I made the eyes a bit brighter than the rest to give them a glow effect. Don't know if @Freedoomguy_935 would like it that way, too.



Edited by 4everDoomed : typo

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hope this one get finnished, as the current dark soldier is better fited as a imp replacement than a revenant replacement.

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Another thing, i think the colors are a bit too silly for Freedoom's artstyle and make him look like a strawberry

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