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A Story of Hell

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A Story of Hell - Part II

Mitchell slowed down and pulled off the freeway to try and figure out what was going on. The only thing he could think was that he had somehow been touched by hell. He gazed up into the bright blue sky and smelled the sagebrush. What did this have to do with the comet? He wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and peered into the red mist, wondering if he was the only survivor. He got in his car and turned on the radio, but nothing was transmitting. Mitchell started his car and pulled back onto the freeway. The mist in the sky was a deeper red when Mitchell arrived in town. He thought for sure that the air was rancid with blood. In the city there was no sign of people anywhere and the roads were filled with boulders and debris. Mitchell found and underground parking zone and prepared to journey on foot. He grabbed his .45 out of his daypack and put it on his belt.
"I'm glad I carry bottled water around," he murmured and put 3 bottles in his pack. A cardboard box went in after that. "And plenty of .45 ammo. I should have brought my AR-15 too." He put the pack on and staggered backwards a step. "Damn thing ways more than me."
Mitchell had taken these few minutes of peace for granted. As he walked up the car ramp a man in a white wedding tuxedo, red with blood, jumped at him. Mitchell threw himself out of the way and let him fall onto the concrete. The man picked himself up and stepped forward drooling blood and growling. Mitchell pulled his pistol out and shot his head. The bullet knocked the man's head back and sent him stumbling over the guardrail. Mitchell heard a gut-wrenching thud. He trotted up the ramp into the mid morning sun, trying to stay in control of himself. It was a hard walk over the endless debris that got worse as he went on. He ran through the city hoping to not run into any more psychos. It was 8:45 am when he stopped running to get a drink. He was in a suburban housing district and a few houses were burning. The sound of breaking glass made him spin around on his heel and roll across the road under a truck. Bullets fractured the pavement behind him as he rolled. He looked out from under the truck and spotted a muzzle flash in a broken window. Mitchell fired a few shots at it. The block was silenced except for an occasional scream or groan. Running as fast as he could, Mitchell vacated the premises. It was a long walk so far, and Mitchell knew it was going to get hotter at the end of the day. He reached the city limits at 12:30 and rested. He had almost drained one of his quart bottles and he knew he couldn't carry on drinking that small of an amount of water. He glanced behind him at the last house he had passed.
"Maybe I can stock up before I leave town," he thought.
He stood up and dusted off his butt as he walked over to the house. There was a large amount of dust settled on the house and a hole through the side of it.
"Probably from the debris," he thought as he peered in.
The house was dark inside because all the curtains were drawn. Mitchell crawled into the hole expecting the worse. Instead there was no odor or sound. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the light before going further. He was in the living room, the front door was 20 feet ahead on the left and there was a door to his right. Mitchell shifted his weight forward and was about to take a step when the front door was kicked open. An older man who looked like he had crawled out of a culvert hobbled into the house. He was shaking violently and his hands were bloody.
"Dad!?" said a young woman's voice and a lean feminine figure armed with a rifle strode out of the darkness.
"Stop!" yelled Mitchell, realizing that the man could be in an unstable state.
The woman stopped and shouldered her weapon at Mitchell, "Who the hell are you?"
Taking advantage of the moment, the man threw himself against his daughter and knocked her to the floor. As she fell he jerked the gun from her grasp and shot at Mitchell. Buckshot ripped Mitchell's left arm and chest, causing him to staggered backwards. Wincing in pain, he swiped his pistol out of its holster and fired a single and true shot through the man's head.

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