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A Story of Hell III

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A Story of Hell - Part III

There was a brief moment of silence before the woman gasped and sobbed. She knelt beside the man's body and examined him while weeping. Mitchell came across the room and put his hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her.
"Get away from me!" she hoarsly shrieked.
Mitchell stepped back and sat on the floor. He knew exactly how she felt. Blood started to soak his whole chest. He ignored it and waited for the woman to recover.
About half an hour had passed when she stopped sobbing and said, "I know you had to do what you did. He would have killed us both." She wiped her tears away and continued, "I just wish he wouldn't have given in. You know what I'm talking about?"
Mitchell grimly noded and said, "You're the only other person I know of who has survived. Or esisted. Whatever."
He looked at her for the first time. She had a slender face, soft and pretty. He could faintly see her brown, bloodshot eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek and she looked up at Mitchell, her eyes were full of pain. He looked away and felt his face blush.
"What made you come here?" she asked. "Didn't you see the comet?"
"I did see the comet. I'm trying to figure out what happened and if I can stop it," he replied.
"The comet came down on my way to work. I assume you know what happened when it came. Everyone including myself, trying to kill eachother. I finally broke free from the control and ran to my motorcycle. It was worth the money after all," she smiled. She had a pretty smile, thought Mitchell. "I rode out of town for about 15 miles and looked back. As I watched, the sky slowly filled with dust. The ground started to shake after that. I wanted to find Dad, in hopes that he was still himself, so I came home and waited. Had a hell of a time finding a path for the motorcycle. You know the rest."
Mitchell got up and took off his shirt. His shoulder was swollen and throbbing. He pulled out his Victoronix knife and tried to remove some buckshot.
"Stop that, I have a better idea." The woman walked through a doorway and returned quckly with a bottle of alcohol and some other stuff.
"Oh no," said Mitchell. "Look, I know this happens in movies but I'm really fine, I can take care of this myself."
"I've always wanted to try this," she said. The woman pulled a large ring magnet out of her pocket.
"Oh." Mitchell looked at her and asked, "Think that'll work?"
She put the magnet over his chest and set it lightly against the skin. Mitchell felt the buckshot getting drawn to the magnet. She finished working out all of the buckshot that would come out without forced removal, and asked Mitchell if he could feel any more. He coldn't. She took a folded cloth and wiped the surface of the wound generously. Next, she wrapped his shoulder and chest with elastic gauze.
"There," she said, stepping back and admiring her work.
"Thanks. May I ask your name now?"
"Mysti Jenkins. Mysti is short for Mysterious, because Mom and Dad never knew if I was a boy or girl," she answered. Her eyes showed pain again. "Mom died 3 years after I was born."
"My name's Mitchell Thomas," he said.
"Nice to meet you. Mitchell has always been a mouthful of a name for me, mind if I call you Mitch?"
"No. That is; no I don't mind."
Mitchell and Mysti smiled.
"When I asked you why you came, I was referring to the house," Mysti stated.
"I was trying to get a bottle of water."
"There's some water in the frige. I'll show you."
Mysti walked into the kitchen with Mitchell following. She opened the refrigerator and got a bottle of water for him.
"Do you mind if I come with you on your trip to see what's going on?" she asked.
"Only if you want to. Do you have any weapons with lots of ammo?" was Mitchell's answer.
"I've got the shotgun and a .44 magnum. Dad had another 12 gauge in his closet."
Mitchell looked suprised when she mentioned the .44 magnum. Mysti laughed.
"Have you got a backpack?"
"Let's get ready to go."
They spent the next 5 minutes gatering gear and packing it.
"I have to burry Dad. I can't just let him sit and rot," said Misty.
"I understand. It may be dangerous business though," Mitchell replied. "Have you got a shovel or two?"
"They're in the garage."
Mitchell and Mysti both dug up a grave in the fence enclosed back yard. They completed the task without menace (other that the natural problems digging). They left the house, both carrying a shotgun, a pistol, ammo, water and some other gear.

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I'm still reading it, but I'm a bit to busy/lazy to come up with a decent comment.
But the story is good enough to be continued imo.

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