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Creating a sluaghter map. Any advice?

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I am currently creating a ten map set and one of the secret maps is set to be a slaughter map. The problem is that I haven't made one before and don't know how to walk the tightrope of "hard but fun" The map isn't going to be very long (about the size of MAP17 from DOOM II) but is going to be packed with enemies. Does anyone have any examples of what NOT to do in terms of monster placement or architecture?

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Do the contrary of what you would do in a fair map, make it double hard, and then check if there is a way to beat that fight. If the fight is unbeateable, well thats a bad slaughter map. A good slaughter map have a proper way to beat it. Usually, trigger lines or trigger switch for monster waves help a lot to measure the progress. Also, don't use any kind of teleport trap or monster closet, usea proper map that mutates as you activate switches, hiding the monsters waves inside of them. Make a lot of different height with not only hitscanners, use that elevations for Archviles, Mancubis, Revenants and Imps. Try to use the Pain Elemental sparingly as continuos lost souls spawner tends to debalance what you already achieved.

Take a look tat this, as this guys disects part by part a slaughter map:


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@Endingghost There are replies in these threads that should be regarded as less than serious (for example, "Revenants") and other replies that are much more helpful (for example, Ribbiks's post).

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