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Spriters and people to makes textures

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I'm trying to make an IWAD and I'm replacing everything and trying to make a scary moody, yet still fun and action packed game. 


Title: Visceral Nightmare


Idea: player is trapped in hellish nightmares and must get through them to get out of his own mind and discovers the whole world has had this same problem.


Player name (if we use one): Sev "Grunky" Bodkin

Back story: Sev (short for Sevastian) is 30, living on the streets of Russia most of his life. Being abused by many different people, drug addiction, and having stolen from people and killed people too, he's not all mentally there. Typically in and out of prison regularly, but finally they sent him to a psychiatrist, and a wrong concoction of drugs have had a terrible effect on you. Or at least it seems that way. Comment  here or pm me if interested.


Also still in very beginning stages (still trying to figure out what monsters should look like and what weapons you should have. I do know I want it dark, bloody and gross, and creepy.)

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I have heard of nightmare reaper, it is a good game (watched many play it) but I have never really looked into it much besides a youtube video or two. I have been working on it (just did start working on it) mostly the decorate, and a single (Poorly done) map. I can share what I have, but it is still very early in stages, with me grabbing free resources, and many temp resources as well.

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On 2/26/2020 at 5:29 PM, Gokuma said:

Careful what you ask for...





DAMN!!!! THAT'S HOT!!!!!!!!

didn't expect you to post sum cacos, but now i'm in

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Oh... It's about to get hotter yet.   Sure you can handle her?...





She really knows how to rock the support3.   How is that snow not melting?!


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