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Beat 1000 Records Month (Feb 7 to Mar 11)

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biowar Map 05 UV-Max in 4:33 (was 4:40 by TendaMonsta)


This one was actually kinda difficult to beat unlike the other biowar runs.


The time for the run below seems to have been copy pasted to this one in the spreadsheet.

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MAP28 UV Fast in 4:43.94 (was 4:58.60 by Rizera, 2012)

Demo: ev28f-443.zip
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp2P6Nx497Q



Well HECK indeed... this map is one of those "weird tnt maps", but it's not all that bad. It's an attempt to imitate Doom 2's MAP 28 with the monster closets full of revenants, and the pit full of pain elementals is quite a pain indeed. Overall it's not a difficult map, except for the first area with the lost souls and archvile.

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17 hours ago, 4shockblast said:

This should go to the Sector 666 thread, this demo isn't in the spreadsheet from the OP.



I swear I saw Map11 in that spreadsheet somewhere... Unless I'm going dyslexic. 

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MM2 Episode 2 UV Speed in 32:11. Not much of an improvement, but probably me and @Cyberdemon531 are the only ones who can beat this without going insane. After MAP15 I was two and a half minutes behind! So I don't think it is of any quality


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10 minutes ago, Bdubzzz said:

Ancient Aliens

Map 22 UV-Max in 5:42 ( was 5:43 by Aquasa ) normally would try to get a better time then a 1 second improvement but there are other records to beat :) 


I thought it is one of these which are too perfect for anyone to bother. Amazing!  You can be proud of yourself.  Year_23.wad max, anyone?

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D2ALL UV-Speed in 11:33 (prev 11:42 by 4shockblast)


Absolutely garbage time given the 15 second time save on Map03, but at least I got an exit!


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Plutonia 2
MAP27 UV Fast in 6:53.46 (was 7:32.23 by Blob1024, 2014)

Demo: pl2f27-653.zip
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxJ7QQqz-dg


There are 17 enemies that are impossible to kill due to broken teleporter linedefs in this map. So the maximum possible amount of kills is 92%.

Damn how I missed plutonia 2 :) thankfully this map is not very relentless as the others are. Still, health management can be very tricky because the only instance of armor you get is a single blue armor at the start. The best strategy is really to not get hit.

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Well... it's safe to say I'm not good enough for this competition yet. This is my last attempt at the demos on this thread. :(

Although my Icarus run does beat the record, it doesn't count because of the "8.97 over 9.00 qualifies but not 9.00 over 9.03" thing. Here it is regardless:


Icarus: Alien Vanguard - MAP02 NM Speed in 0:15.09 (was 0:15.66 by Grazza)


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