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Beat 1000 Records Month (Feb 7 to Mar 11)

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1 hour ago, GrumpyCat said:

Hell Revealed Map05 UV-Fast 4:08 (was 4:54 by Ryback).


Hope this contest is not about quality lol.



I think some of these older records are good, but a few don't look like they are. So I'd say no it's not about quality :P

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1 hour ago, GrumpyCat said:

Hell Revealed Map18 NoMo 1:12 (feels like cheating because previous 1:33 by Altima Mantoid was also 100% secrets).


EDIT Yes, all HR NoMos from Altima Mantoid and Yonatan donner are NoMo 100S. Not sure how it works with new DSDA, they should be moved in this new category?

And there is no pure NoMo record for map 18. Guess it's not valid then. Will do NoMo 100S later.


Yeah, I guess this applies across all runs, but if the run on DSDA is mislabeled and fits into some separate category, you should try to beat that other category, at least provided that category is one of the "official" ones on DSDA. If it's like a UV-Speed with -fast that is in UV-Speed by mistake, then you can beat it, or let me know, and I can change the run to something more standard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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