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Beat 1000 Records Month (Feb 7 to Mar 11)

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On 2/11/2020 at 3:22 AM, elmle said:


Map 14 UV-Max in 1:31 (was 1:36 by phml) ds14-131.zip


Misses both secrets. Phml also missed both secrets, so I replaced his record with Opulent's in the sheet.


Spreadsheet updated to include latest demos. Also, I added a leaderboard and a total number of original runs beaten. So far, ELMLE is leading with 75 points, and we are nearing 100 demos out of 1000 beaten!

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Figured I'd grab the last one, since it looked easy to beat (other than 18 that seems hard to beat and my run for 30). 16 NM100 in 0:33 (prev 0:36 by GrumpyCat). Also beats NM-Speed in 0:35 by Angus.


Edited by 4shockblast

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I somehow missed that the map had secrets alltogether, and I didn't even watch phml's run.



Dsnacks map 14 max in 1:26


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On 2/12/2020 at 10:18 AM, Bdubzzz said:


Map 13 UV-Max in 0:49 ( was 0:51 by dew )


Map 20 UV-Max in 3:01 ( was 4:09 by Albert Valls )



I'm not sure why you would do this to yourself, but I will definitely check them out :)

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9 hours ago, elmle said:

Pigeon02 Map 12 UV-Max in 2:02 (was 2:15 by GarretChan)




I'm so curious about this map now because I remember nothing about it... I can't check it right now, and this is killing me.


Oh, it's this map... I can't even do SR50 quickly back then. Though, record got destroy by elmle, so I can sleep in peace :P

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TNT Episode 2 UV-Max in 1:26:40 (Old record is 1:33:27 by Cyberdemon531)




Well this took me well over 250+ attempts over the last week and I mean its probably not the best demo but it got me some good practice of Episode 2 so that's a bonus. Also some of the times are a bit off because I almost died a few times so it took me longer finish the maps but I mean when you've failed so many times before. The most failure being between maps 13-17.

Anyway this is a weight off my shoulders.



Edited by Bob9001

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Death Tormention II by Paul Corfiatis, Kristian Aro and Chris Harbin

E4M1 (Hell Gate) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:11 (very old record: 0:13 by me)

I thought this would have been one of the first to go, given that the random number generator had thrown up both this one and my more recent Stroller that equalled the time.


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