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SPFALL (Acid Fall) Textures in Doom 1

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Well, I've extracted SPFALL1 from Doom2 to be used in Doom 1 using Wintex. The problem is this: the texture shows up, but it doesn't animate like it would if it were in Doom2. How do I fix this problem?
Do I extract all the SPFALL textures or what?

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You need to extract all the SPFALL textures AND either replace another animating texture set with them, or find out some way to create an additional ani lump entry (which can only be done with source ports IIRC).

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OK, I've got all the textures extracted and I did an ANIMDEFS lump and put it into my level. Thing is, the SPFALL textures don't animate. Here is the ANIMDEF lump:
texture sfall1

pic 1 tics 4
pic 2 tics 4
pic 3 tics 4
pic 4 tics 4

Now tell me if I'm doing something, cause I've never did one of these before, I'm just really guessing.

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The text is the same when compared to mine (which has 5 tics instead of 4) so that's ok. I think what's wrong is that you have the sfall patches in the wad, but you haven't made them into textures yet. Here's what to do:

Select 'edit texture' from the Advanced menu.

Select 'new texture' from the Textures menu, typing 'sfall1' as the name. You now have a blank texture.

Use the sliding bar at the top to make it 64x128.

Go to the patch list in the bottom right corner, select the SFALL1 patch and drag it into the cyan square, making sure it fits exactly in the (0, 0) position.
(using the 'up' 'down' 'left' 'right' buttons if necessary, but highlight the patch in the box next to the patch list if you need to use these buttons)

Repeat this for SFALL2, SFALL3 and SFALL4, making sure they all appear after each other in the texture list (bottom left corner). To do this, highlight the texture below the one you just created and then create a new texture.

Quit, and click 'yes' to save textures into pwad.

Save your wad.

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If you have indeed simply included the patches, but not made textures for them, then once you have created your textures too, there is actually no need to create an animdefs lump.

I just checked. I exported the SFALL graphics from doom2 to a WAD (intended for use in Doom1), loaded up the doom1 project in DeePsea, loaded my SFALL wad and then defined textures SFALL1-4 using the patches SFALL1-4. Then I editied the start room of E1M1 so that SFALL1 was used on the wall. I tried the level in Zdoom and Vanilla Doom and the SFALL walls appeared and worked correctly.

FYI, the lumps in the file were:

E1M1 and all its sub lumps
SFALL1 - a graphic
SFALL2 - a graphic
SFALL3 - a graphic
SFALL4 - a graphic
TEXTURE1 - The texture information lump
TEXTURE2 - The second texture information lump (Only found in registered Doom)
PNAMES - The list of all patches used in the textures.

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