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Planet still ain't dead! And really want to happened (or not?)

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With Doom:Eternal have reveal all this gameplay,trailers,conpect arts,lore,QuakeCon,E3 Showcase Presentation and reveals all this demons,it look freaking sick as hell. That get me thinking about Planet a game idea i have around since 2017 and i posted on Doom World (talking about) since 3 years later haven't done much with that idea for project game,but i did wrote down concept  like enemies,story,main characters,setting & imagine gameplay. Recurring now haven't done much about "Planet" been busy with School,Work,Planning for My future,time,financial,don't have equipments and learn general acknowledged about program,developed and writing video games. Get many ideas for Planet have all bit figure out but needed working out and twick it in writing & characters. Also their lists eight projects needed improves and don't mistakes,craft game well


Eight major problems


  • 1.Writing
  • 2.Worldbuilding & Lore
  • 3.Criticism
  • 4.Story & Characters
  • 5.Dialogs & Pacing
  • 6.Gameplay,Level Design & Development
  • 7.Get screwed over by AAA publishers


Writing,Lore & Worldbuilding bit focus. Planet is not spin off,it more loose connection to Doom universe and not want build off Doom lore but borrowing some things and setting in own universe and own characters separated from Doom characters. And story



You're get to play as Fallen Sentinel (once a Night Sentinels) he once like Doom Slayer. Have he homeworld "Agrent" falling to hands armies of hells and seek revenge against the betrayer who have betrayed their people they swore protect from evil. Fallen Sentinel seek out The Seraphim gifted he super human powers of speed and strength. But Seraphiam denied he request but Fallen Sentinel strike Seraphiam with his own sword and took "Grimm Suit" (simple to Praetor Suit),journey to hell find betrayer and along tearing through demons & hell . But ultimately he have similar fate as Slayer. Priests brought down the temple upon the Doom Slayer, Along with Fallen Sentinel,they place in


sarcophagus in place two Sentinel warriors in different place of hell.

Fallen Sentinal awakening up battlecruiser in space. Ship getting under attack by creature demon hybrid. No time waste Sentinal get his armor & few weapons. Started tearing through creatures a part and Sentinal during fight he come a cross a mercenary (who maybe cost this?) and two accept working together get off ship

But ship core is damage by a infected demons hybrids,ship crushing landing on planeyt call "Durial"  is once lovely wy5ttorld with people living on it but now it turn a hellish apocalypse fills with mutant infection demons hybrid and demons from hell habbit surface of planet. And rest is long,if you're want know more & backstory of "Planet" if you care? Let met know want hear more of story?

Number 4 & 5


Story isn't problems but don't too heavy focus on story (find balance not too little & not too much) of this game think it slow down "fast paced power fantasy" of game. Don't want planet just copy & paste of Doom (2016) or last three lasted Wolfenstein games,did some ideas mechanics for game (can't remember) & wanted have open level players can explore finds secrets,easter eggs and more


(like days of old school shooters). Characters the two (unnamed) have began playing around who are like party members (similar to Mass Effect & Bulletstorm) my biggest fear is characters being boring & flat,that don't  want happened want them seem interest and have personalities. Fallen Sentinel...Yeah he do & don't know what to do? He is silent protagonist

want put bit weight and depth to Fallen Sentinel with having bit having human emotions with little social reaction those to characters 


Number 1,2,3,6-8

Making a game isn't easy road,as semi-gamers who enjoyed gaming as next fellow gamer who wanted make a game their very own like indie game,but want big budget triple a game is very big and scary. If you're want make a good with AAA company that screwed over all hard working developers treat like scums is very scary & nigrmare. As criticism from gamers,imagine you're this person who made first video game release but..Sadly sometime criticism bashing down on you're hard working put you're time,energy and soul towards that project of game you're work so hard but ending being good or worst or sometimes a mixed in general. Mostly like AAA company's who get greedy and affiliated with project making a bucks don't care about game & player base community  (Like Fallout 76)


Now lacks of acknowledged of gaming development and influence. Me have lacks true know how mostly write/created idea conpect of my game and wanted to premiere my game pitch to id Software about "Planet" how is connected to Doom (reboot series) and gameplay general and everything. Their many issue 1.Good Story 2.Being Rejected (okay with being Rejected) and 3.Having go in good details about the game as well disused about development who control over production of game. While don't get a clear inspections! Seem never play Doom (beside demo version 2016),Quake,Wolfention,Serious Sam,Duke Nukem and classic fps shooters to give influence from and what good first person shooter? Don't play must fps games while growing up (didn't play Halo,Enough TF2 or Half-Life). Did play portal (demo),Bulletstorm,UT3,Fallout 4,Halo 3 & Reach (not campaign),Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex (2004 video game).Destiny and couple (like 4) COD games. Overall wanted to play more FPS get acknowledged what love & hate about first person shooters from past & present. Need that want to play DooM to find out! But i can't (maybe another lifetime and another place get to chance play fathered of all first person shooters)


Planet is bit not dead,one half wanted to continues that dream making planet happened one day and other just abandoned it all complete is a stupid idea of game,even story is like bad fan fic (similar to Hunt Down The Freeman) and waste of money to make with AAA studio to make


So what you're all think? Complete give up on "Planet" without any put works towards it or still hold to it,one day could turn that dream game to reality!

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5 hours ago, Batstick said:

So what you're all think? Complete give up on "Planet" without any put works towards it or still hold to it,one day could turn that dream game to reality!

Create assets to show off, to implement your idea in something that can be judged, instead of creating a text wall on how you want your game to be like.

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10 hours ago, Redneckerz said:

Create assets to show off, to implement your idea in something that can be judged, instead of creating a text wall on how you want your game to be like.

Really? How

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1 hour ago, Batstick said:

Really? How

Okay, that's a




from me. (Not offensively meant, mind you.)


You are essentially asking: How do you create assets for a game.


Before i continue, i have to ask: Do you geniunely not know where to begin or?

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