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SIGIL on an older source port

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15 hours ago, Redneckerz said:

Thats the tricky bit - its not exactly the same as say, Boom which actually removes limits and introduces new things.


The Plus exe hacks raise limits instead of removing them.


Either way, im just repeating what has been stated back then. If that's faulty, blame the authors. :P

Nothing tricky about it





In regard to the Doom engine, limit removing refers to increasing or removing static limits inherent in the original executables


If you hack the original DOS exe and raise its limits, then it can play limit-removing wads like Sigil (not all, depends on how much they push it). In fact, Sigil required more hacking, like the arachnotron (dehacked) state change, the sky etc.


Vanilla compatible means it should play on the 1.9 DOS exes and some wads may require Dehacked modifying, too. The Dehacked thing is a grey area because it is hacking but it's easy and automated and is available since the DOS days.

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2 hours ago, VGA said:

Nothing tricky about it



Actually, it is, because there is a grey area where it may mean different things. See Gez's explanation.


Ill concede and say that i am too ill-equipped to explain what i mean by it, but mostly because i don't feel its overly important and i do not feel up to a philosophical discussion as to what constitutes vanilla, what constitutes limit-removing and what consititutes limit-raising.


TLDR: Blame the authors, not me :)


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