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How to get a player to start a map falling down an elevator shaft


So I want this map to start with the player falling down quite a large 'shaft' as soon as the map opens. I've moved the player start thing to the highest elevation of the shaft, but when I test the map I just start on the ground floor. Is there any way I can make this happen? I'm using GZDoom Builder, by the way. 



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Raise the floor of the sector all the way to the top. Right click, give it a Sector Tag (lets use 600 in this example).


Press F10 to open the script editor then copy and paste this


#include "zcommon.acs"
script "LowerTheFloorTime!" enter {
    Floor_LowerToLowest(1, 64);


Save and play. Did it work?

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Just now, kknot5889 said:

Alright, well @nexxtic28 has provided me with a script that does just this. Answered!


I'm sending you my Paypal link. Writing those 4 lines took a serious toll on my health and I could really go with some McDonalds right now.

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