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Need Help Brainstorming & Giveaways

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I'm currently in the process of brainstorming and getting a good batch of reference content to pull from for the second level of a 3 level wad. The level itself will be taking place in a helicarrier that has recently been breached by the forces of hell.


I did however want to have a little giveaway to show my appreciation for the open arms this community has offered.



Doom 2 Giveaway
Ultimate Doom Giveaway
Final Doom
Doom Classic Complete

All of these giveaways are on steamgifts.com and do require a steam account along with needing you to be able to accept them on the steam account you used to enter the giveaway. I assume that barrier for entry isn't too insane but I'm sorry if that is a problem. Also all these giveaways are only enterable via these links so it should be exclusive to those who viewed these links here.



Anyway, I would be happy to hear of any wads that managed to do levels in more confined areas like submarines, helicarriers, and planes that managed to pull off a little more cramped environments without failing on their overall enjoyment. Ideas you might have for interesting facets of a helicarrier themed level, or any suggestions to better balance "realism" with fun gameplay in doom wads. I want to create a more sprawling level than the first map in the wad this is going in but do want the theme and more realistic elements take a good part in the level itself. I feel that a bit of restraint can make the unique stand out more but given my current experience I'm more than willing to take things at a different angle.


Anyway thanks for reading, I'll be happy to listen to what you might think.

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Don't feel bad. The Venn diagram of "people who open threads in Doomworld's Doom Editing subforum" and "people who already own the games" might not be a circle, but it's probably close.


I would suggest a study of Lost Civilization for realism that doesn't hurt gameplay, even though its themes are far away from anything like a submarine or helicarrier. 

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@rdwpa Fair enough.


@ketmar Give that my own map has some scripting and messing around with decorate I'm sure it will be fine.


I'll take a look at those maps today or tomorrow just from my first glances they seem to be a good starting point. Thanks!

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