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My second attempt at WAD making (updated)

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Don't expect anything amazing, just posting so I can feel like it wasn't a complete waste of time. It runs on almost any Doom port, tested with GZDOOM and contains 3 short levels download here:  Puhstus2.rar (it runs on doom 2 because I intend to add some doom 2 enemies later) 1846100180_DOOMRegistered10_02_202023_12_18.png.5c9ac8c33305e4ee4a027f87b474b66a.png1401047805_DOOMRegistered10_02_202023_11_39.png.c5db7ab293c1cc2118c67ecfd6a4d302.png1127796751_DOOMRegistered10_02_202023_11_10.png.07aa0007c9540f31b9c0223787e08c39.png


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You mean to say PWAD, not IWAD. 


Firstly the maps use no ZDoom specific features so I would recommend testing with a port such as PrBoom+ or even Chocolate Doom for more broad compatibility. Secondly I'm not sure why you made a Doom 2 version if they are the same maps. I'd just say it's Doom 1.


-Maps are exceedingly dark but I actually like how this limited visibility makes fighting more difficult.

-Pits in maps 1 and 2 are inescapable making the map unfinishable without noclip. If you are going to have inescapable pits they should at least be pain sectors so the player can die and start over like in map 3. 

-Final area fights with Cybers and Mastermind can be ignored by running to the exit. I think the Cyber in the dark room in map 3 was more threatening.

-Layouts are simple but not inherently bad. I like some of the ideas like a Baron blocking a platform you have to cross. Try using more line actions besides just doors.


Very fine second attempt.

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One of my rules for map design is to have only slight dimness if there is any dimness at all. Certainly 2x less brightness (if you click the arrow in Doom Builder instead of entering a new value) is enough to give atmosphere. I hope this helps. Always look forward to new maps.

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