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Hell Revealed.

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I am currently playing Hell Revealed for the first time. Because someone said it was well known. And am up to about map 12 or so. And have found it to be impossible to walk anywhere without picking up either health or shells. They are just literally everywhere especially from about map01 to map08. I got to map9 or 10 before I even died. And all the maps are new to me! I think they should have re-named it to Baron Revealed or something. As they have got to be the most common enemy.
Also in map 10, do you have to jump in that part up the top with the Cyber-babies? Or am I just stupid and couldn't find a switch or some trigger somewhere?
Please note I may still be stupid even if there is no trigger. :)

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Aren't the cyberdemons in map10 multiplayer-only? And even then, they're not "up-top".

Do you mean map11? Yes, there is a need to jump to and from the high towers with arch-viles on them. There are also two places (just after you have gone past the cyber with the soul sphere by his feet) where you need to strafe-jump.

HR's maps contain a lot of health and ammo, but this is because most people find that they need it! If you find HR too easy on skill 4, then you must be a true doomgod. You could try Pacifist or Nightmare...

BTW, this thread should be in WADs and Mods.

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