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Mr.S Retro

How to make a dynamic exp system?


What I want to do is something like this.

The more "mortally challenged" you kill the higher your damage becomes

The more damage you take the more resistant you become

The more you get knocked to 10%>Health the more max health

The more large ammo pickups (box of bullets/shells/rockets and cell packs) you get more max ammo

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I think you could accomplish all of this using ACS and CustomInventory tracking items.


For example, a running script that monitors health. If it goes under 10, give the player +1 to a "HealthBelow10" item (arbitrary name). The same script then can check if the player has earned, say 10 or 15 of them, and give the player an item to boost max health.


The items and inventory stuff would all be done in DECORATE.


Check out Doom EXP by @Officer D. Ask him about it too, his mod probably uses similar or better methods.

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